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I quit my job of 3 years did I do the right thing?

I just recently resigned from my job of 3 years. I loved what I did but it started getting stessfull over the past 4 months. I worked at a call centre, had every 2nd weekend off 11am-7:30 shift making over $10/hour doing office work. all of a sudden 100 of us were forced to go into a department that we didn't want to be in. "taking calls and talking to customers" we were forced to have start times of anywhere between 2pm-7pm meaning that we wouldn't get off work til 4:30am at the latest while people who were just hired on for that department were getting 8am start times. My fiance was worried about my health because due to all the stress over the past few months I have been getting chest pains and dizzy spells you know basic signs of having a heart attack. However I am only 24. My schedule would change weekly going from a 2pm-4pm-6pm back to 2pm and so on and we lost our weekends meaning that we had to work every weekend. I finaly had enough and quit.

Now both me and my faince worked there and made good money and I left that job to go to a minimum wage customer service job where I get to deal with the public. I am happy with that. My only question is am i being selfish with the happiness?

The place that I worked at tried to get me to stay but I kept on saying no. Now that I am going to be making minimum wage we aren't going to have the incom that we had before. It is going to be $200 less a month. Now I feel bad because i won't be able to get her everything that I promised her. Was it wrong of me to quit? am I being selfish because the job was causing me health problems? I feel that I am being selfish What's your opinion? Did I do the right thing?
I don't think you were being selfish. That job sounds like it sucked. I work in computer support, and helping people over the phone is so much harder than simply helping them in person. I get $15/hr for my job, (IT support at GA Tech) and I'm only 19. I can't imagine the terrible hours you had, or the hassle of being on the phone 24/7. It was causing health problems for you too, and you getting badly sick would be far worse than taking a less stressful, more regular job. I say you did the right thing.
I honestly think you did the wrong thing. Well I don't know your situation much, but I'm going to assume you quit without having a few thousand dollars in the bank. Before quitting, you should have had a back up plan and maybe start your own business. If you start your own business you will probably earn more than $10/hr.

Since it's too late, I suggest you start saving and think about investment options.
Glenn83e, from what you wrote your decision sounds all but selfish. It's not like you quit your job to stop working because of laziness and live on the back of your fiance. And it's not like you need the money to survive and pay the basic costs, I guess. It really seems to me that you made the right choice unless your new job doesn't turn out as good as you thought it would.

In my opinion you should consider all the benefits/drawbacks of the new situation instead of only the financial ones. Is your time, happiness and health you lost at that call center really worth less than those 200$? Only the health problems due to the stress/lack of sleep could eventually cost you way more than the 200$/month, just in medication or lost years of life.

Did you ask her what she thinks about it? Doesn't she think that you coming home earlier, having more regular times, being healthier and enjoying your job more is worth more than the 200$ you lost? Usually in a relationship spending more time together and being healthy/happy is way more important than living a bit more comfortable. There is no point in keeping a promise when you and the person you made the promise to both prefer a different option.
That's not a selfish decision at all!
I mean, with hours like that, I would have quit too. A job may be important, but so is your emotional and physical health.
Good call!

Since you can get a job, may be with minimum wage, your choice was the
right one. If you don't like it and still have to spend so much time doing it,
it will get to you sooner or later. The question then is if that isn't more selfish?
I don't know you personal, but I dare to say that you would have been in a
bad mood quite often, talked lot about work at home, and maked life less worth
living in general. Those things you can put up with, if it's the last resort. If you
don't have to put up with it, why bother?

Money isn't everything, and it's a poor reason to work. There has to be something
more connected to it if you'd like to grow as a person. So, selfish, no. I'd say
it was the other way around. But keep in mind not to go longing back to better
days (economical). Look ahead and commend yourself on a tough but
necesary decision.
Call centres are extremely stressful environments, and almost all have very high turnover of staff.

When a job causes you personal, physical, social and psychological difficulties, it's important to put yourself first. So, at first glance, I would support your decision.

Two things, though:

1) learning how to manage stressful situations is a skill, like anything else, that can be learned. It's important to look back on any difficult situation that we have been in and assess whether there is something that can be learned from it. Even the most painful or trying circumstances usually hold some lessons for us about what we could have done differently, or will do differently next time if faced with a similar challenge.

2) like I said, call centres are notoriously challenging work environments. People who manage them are very conscious of how hard they can be on staff, and usually try (if they are reasonable managers) to support their staff to the extent possible. It sounds like your former boss really wanted you to stay -- did you have a conversation with him/her about what impact the job was having on your health? Sometimes there are things that can be done to help employees manage stressful situations -- you don't know if you don't ask. Even if your manager couldn't make the situation any better for you, learning how to have these conversations and be appropriately assertive in an employment situation is a vital skill to have, no matter where you work.

Good luck!
it's best to be happy with what you do. however, a back up plan is always good, so good luck with what the future has for you. hope you find something that will suit you..
Yes, I think you made the right decision. Dead people can't make/spend money. However, I do hope that you discussed the idea of leaving that job with your fiance before quitting. Communications is a very important part of a relationship.
I don't see how you could think you may have made the wrong choice. Work dominates our lives, so it's important to have a job that is at the very least tolerable. Without that then you have to wonder what the point is.

So good on you for having the strength to make the right call, and I wish you well in the future.
You can never know in advance if you are doing the right thing, and you don't always know afterwards either. Still, if you get a new job and it has better hours and decent pay and you end up happier, then I don't think you have done the wrong thing. Hardly anyone stays at the same job all their life these days, and sometimes a kick is needed to get out of a job which was going nowhere.
I Totally agree, Your decision hasn't been selfish in any way, As most people have stated here, Emotional and physical health is more important. I would have made the same decision as i would rather be healthy/happy than earn the little extra $$$. Do what you think is best. That is all i can say really.
I think you did a good decision as per your best judgment at that time. There is no right or wrong on every decision and road that we take in our life. There is only cause and effect, which we would not know either is for the best or worst until we have make that decision.

I, myself, resigned from my 13 years workplace last January. Do I make the right decision ? For me, yes, as it is a choice that I undertaken as per my best judgment at that time. Do it make my life better ? Hardly... in fact I'm still jobless and financial, it put a burden on my family. But, hey, it did give me more time to be close to my son and wife. It give me time to look back at my life and what mistake I've done before in my life and how not to repeat it.

Would I decide differently if time can be bought back ? Nope.. I would have make the same choice...
Definitely not a selfish decision. And personally, when it comes to jobs, I feel that your own personal comfort and enjoyment should be the number one focus. In general, just do what's best for you.
it's not selfish at all, beside your job sucks. I think the most important thing of a person is health and happiness, of course, a well finace income could help you life condition better, but you don't have a good job at all. so if you can seek a better job, you made a right choice.
That's not selfish at all. Silly question but... have you tried looking elsewhere for employment other than the place you're working at now? You have 3 years experience at a call center - surely there is another employer out there that will consider you for a position and is willing to offer more than minimum wage?
I have a friend that was working in a call center and he told me how stressful to be in that job and just like you, he quited that job after 2 years and found a new one much "health - friendly" than of that of this previous job so I think it's not selfish at all because you're just concern of your health, fiance and all that. Hope you'll find a job that really fits you.
I don't blame you for quitting hell I would have quit too.
They really need to get their priorities straight though... who would do a better job... someone starting out.. or someone who has been there for a long time and knows the ins and outs of the job.
... some companies are just stupid though.
I hope you get a better job soon.
I do not think that you did a mistake and you were wrong by quitting your job. You were also not selfish at all. But what I feel is that you should have worked for a few more months on that high salary before working on a minimum wage so that you could really know that you can never handle working like that and even get some and save some extra cash at the same time.

It's really hard to work in a place where you do not want to work. Money is also not everything. You can also find more jobs with more than 10$/hr pay if you try hard and then you can give your fiance all the things that she wants.
Remember, this is your life and you should be able to make your own decisions.

Remember don't try so hard to make a living that you forget to live.
It was affecting your health. You made the right decision.
my simple reply.. money isnt the world mate and you made the right choice, i see it that you had to put your health before 'crappy hours' job mate..

People say good decision..I'd say great decision
Right choice.

Happiness over money, for a couple hundred a month. Sounds perfect to me! I think the most succinct poster here was bondings, and he said it all. Nothing more needed.
I think you made the right choice, choose a job you like
do what you'd like. i am going to change job too.. better say losing the job.. i was being played by a guy.... political stuffs... i did not harm him, but he just wanna make me leave the place....
There is nothing wrong with it. "Go with your feelings" is what i like to say often. And of course, I will carry out what I say. You said you was thinking that you are very selfish. But it depends on how you treat working.

If going to work is a new challenge to you everyday, then leaving a job that doesn't sounds interesting seemed fair enough for me. If all you want is to be paid in a regular basis and afford to have an extra meal after paying all your monthly expense, I don't think you will even think of leaving.

To me, you did the right thing of leaving to get a job that suits you more, regardless of the lesser pay. I would have done that too.
I used to work on help desk for computer support. My shift in the three years was mostly 2pm to 11pm with Monday and Tuesday off. I know about the stresses involved both on the phones as well as internal. Also there were consistent changes in how the call centered functioned. The atmosphere was always in transition with changes in the computer world on the whole. When it ended due to a massive layoff I was sad of course but also happy at the same time to be moving on to something else.

Yes we are affected health wise in our employment. That can happen in any job some jobs are physical damaging some are emotional. We get both positive and negative anywhere but the extremes in negative are just unacceptable. Did you make the right choice? Well your health is important more so than any change you make. You can not get happyness from just money. I am sure your partner will see it this way.

As far as being selfish goes, no I don’t think that is the case, in fact let me leave you with one thought, one I hope you can use in the future.

Its not being selfish to want to feel happy. When I did face those negative stresses ( that can kill you eventually literally) I decided one day to create my own little personal experiment. I went in to work with a big smile on my face and greeted everyone with good spirits. If I ran across an irate person we often deal with, I simply did my job quickly, efficiently and did not give anything extra, not one inch did I bend, and only did what was absolutely necessarily, nothing more and then dumped them and forgot about it. The next person I interacted with customer or coworker was usually just so different, I just loved my job and doing those little extra’s. It really did work. I was continuely smiling (real emotions here I mean) and listening to Louis Armstrong sing “What a wonderful world” in my mind. Oh yeah, there my gift to you.

Very Happy

First of all, let's talk about this 'selfish' part that I really didn't liked at all!! Shocked
You weren't selfish and this decision that you took is probably one of the most important and the best in your life!

If yourself you arrived to the conclusion that it was good for you, why still think about it?

Congratulation for your changement in life!

I could understand that it might be very difficult decision for you..
I had resigned my job of 6 years 5 years ago. At taht time... I just wanted to escape from my company. I had got a lot of stresses from the company. But it was well-paid job and very stable company. Sometimes I regret to resign the company. But I could get another new world.
I know there is nothing that it could make me satisfy in 100 percent.
thank you all for your kind advice. I decided to stay at the job that I was at but took stress leave. Apon returning to work they gave me a raise and a new start time. can't beat that. Again thank you all for your kind advice
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