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Looking for flash/ActionScript jobs...700+ frih$

Hi! I need to get some flash files ASAP!

So if you could, here are a couple descriptions of what I need:

#1 File upload script
I need an SWF file that can upload multiple images (upwards of 20), and send them to a PHP script to be compiled into a single episode file. It's for a webcomics site (R&K Comics), and I need to get the rest of the site up ASAP. So I want there to be a select box to pick from the list of series' (Sonic's Super Saga, Blob & Blunt, Craig the Algae, Greg the Amoeba, Mya, and Kenny Pencil), and then when all the pages (in the form of various image files) are selected; I want it to submit the series name, along with the full list of files and of course their data, to the script "upload.handle.php" which will be in the same directory.

#2 Comic rating script
I need this SWF file to let the user rate the various comics. I would like it to display the username, their voting power (0 if not logged in), and their previous rating for it. I want it to be on a scale of 1 to 5, with a special image for each rating (each series will have its own set of images for the buttons, if possible). I can have my PHP scripts provide the info needed in whatever format you tell me. The PHP script that will get all the user info will be called "" in the same directory. When the user picks a rating to give it, I want the flash to submit the result to the file "rating.process.php" in the same directory.

These jobs are complex, and I have the strangest feeling that I'm forgetting some piece of vital info for them. If you can help me out, I will be willing to pay you at least 350 frih$ each for the work. The tasks are a bit important, and the price is negotiable. So, I'd absolutely love it if you can help me out here.

NOTE: I will also except Java apps if it's easier or more effective.

-Alex (bladesage)
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