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Do you like Flash?

what do you prefer:
flash MX
 20%  [ 2 ]
flash 8
 40%  [ 4 ]
or flash CS3
 40%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 10

Ok let me start by saying hi im photoflashCS3 and I
Love flash do you love flash to if so let me what you think
about flash and what like to do in flash.

If you are not to clear on flash you can check out
the adobe site or new grounds they always have cool movies and games
I have not used Flash CS3 yet. It was report that Macromedia Company has been a part of Adobe Company. Someone think that was because of microsoft company's strength. they are afraid they would be beaten.
I still use Flash version 8. That is good enough. I did not get used to " Adobe Flash ****" . "Macromedia Flash ***" Smile
I use flash, and it is by far my faviort program, Ive been scripting in it for many wears, to make websites, applications, and games. However, CS3 is stupid and a waste of money. All that is new is AS3, which i hate, but point being, if you own 8 prof, to go download the as3 add-on that they used for testing.
As a web user who doesn't create Flash content, I would say that Flash is great for creating films, but should never be used to provide navigation or any other essential web content. If I want to watch the film, I can get the plugin - but I should be able to navigate your site with a vanilla browser.

The only thing we really need now is a decent open-source implementation of Flash, or at least the runtime.
I flash all the time. Just the other day I was streaking across the....what? OHHH...the program. Heh heh...

Yeah, I really love flash. I use it everyday. I want to be an animator of some sort so yeah, without Flash, I don't know how I would live, lol..
If you're referring to the Flash content (MIME type: application/x-shockwave-flash), then I would say no because it is not an open format as far as I know. However, I still like it due to the way it revolutionized the Internet via content presentations and other forms of entertainment and media.

I would love to see Flash (format) go open. Also, a fine open source and cross-platform Flash content creator (think of it as a free alternative to the commercial Flash application) that is on par with Adobe's Flash content creator.
it is very standard software.. quick installation methods, simply loaded...etc
Where is the option "I don't like Flash©" in this pool ?

For the reasons : it's closed source, it's heavy, it's slow, and it's not backward compatible.

For people looking for a Flash-equivalent format without those drawbacks, have a look to SVG...
flash is great.
But I think Microsoft SilverLight will terminate it.
SilverLIght will be widely used in future.
I also think Microsoft's Silverlight will dominate against Flash unless Adobe comes up with something new in order to keep up with the competition. I've used both and the new Silverlight version 3 seems better than Flash for now.
I like Flash, however, I do not like the vast majority of its uses on the internet ...
I like Flash. I think Flash 8 is great. I use Flash with Dreamweaver to create the interesting website.

Moreover, I like the animation that create by Flash Very Happy
I have not used Flash 8 but I assume Flash CS3 is much better.
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