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War Rock

Commonly called warrock, it is an FPS game.

From the site:
A dynamic combat experience like no other!

Equip yourself from a wide array of weapons and field gear, and fight on foot or take the battle to the enemy in armored vehicles ranging from Blackhawk choppers and K1 tanks to F15 Eagles. Engage bogies across all elements – land, air, and sea!

Persistent Character Development

Enlist with the NIU rebels or the Derbaran Military, and select a branch of service: Engineer, Medic, Assault, Sniper, or Heavy Trooper. You will rank up with experience, unlock new equipment, and participate in live events run by GMs. Take your trooper through the war, and fight your way from Private to General!

Armory & Item Shop

Browse the in-game Armory & Item Shop and trade in your hard-earned Dinar for weaponry, field equipment, and even power-ups. With a constantly expanding selection, you can find the perfect weapon for any combat situation!

Frequent Updates

Frequent update patches include new gear, vehicles, and even gameplay modes, driven by player request. Each Episode begins a new chapter of War Rock, expanding the stage with intrigue and treachery as the Derbaran civil war unfolds.

Events, Tournaments & Clan System

Sponsored events and an integrated Clan System drive a fiercely competitive community. Use your Clan Site to organize matches, fight your way to the top of the official ranking, and compete for prizes like pro gamer hardware!


War Rock is free to play! All players have access to the basic features of the game, including frequent content patches and the ability to rank up and unlock new weapons.

Premium Access

Players also have the option to access Premium features through a variety of purchase options. These features include voice chat, extra Dinar, bonus XP gain, the 5th weapon slot, and more! Click for more information on Premium features and how to access them.Click for more information on Premium features and how to access them.

Cool I was surprised when I saw this topic. WarRock is very good game and I think everybody should try it. I have been playing for about two months. The only minus is that there only few main maps, but rest is big plus Smile
List of War Rock threads:

And remember to put any copypasta in [quote] tags ^_^
Ty Osmodius, haven't seen any others >_>

ANYWHO. Back on topic.. Yeah, good game, needs work though. I hate the level system they have set in place.

Soldier Front is much better IMO
Yeah. Warrock is a good game. Although I got banned from it Sad .
I was using a program that Punk Buster apparently thought was a hacking program. GameCam I believe it was called. I was just taking some short video clips and it came up with a "You've been banned from War Rock for 0 hours." or something along those lines. Hopefully now that the beta is over (if it is or not, I'm not sure though) I can buy the game and it will let me play. Very Happy
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