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Hey guys...

I'm really sad right now because my girlfriend have been gone for three weeks and there is no way of communication....what should I do? I can't stop thinking about her... Sad
Well, for one, where did she go? Why did she go?

Is there any way to find out where she's staying to call her? Or text her cellphone, or msn or anything?
Manntis wrote:
Well, for one, where did she go? Why did she go?

Is there any way to find out where she's staying to call her? Or text her cellphone, or msn or anything?

Truly! Give us more info to work with! Why'd she go? Is she coming back? It's hard to help if we don't know the whole story.
She went to Mexico to visit her relatives. And she won't be back for another week or so...and she can't communicate with me because she doesn't have any phone or cellphone / phone card or whatever, and internet is not an option either...
wow that really sucks
i wish i could help but i don't know how
I'm sorry but I'm sure when she comes back you'll talk to her A LOT
The World is Yours
what about mail? Do you know an address so you could write her a letter? It's very slow communication but it's faster than what's happening now Rolling Eyes
If it was me, I would either write her a letter to post in snail mail, or I would just write letters to her even if I don't send them.

I used to do that when my ex-husband and I were dating and he was in the NAVY. He wouldn't always get his mail because of where he was stationed, so I would just write him letters as usual and then give them all to him in a bundle when I got a chance.
You should have definitely asked for a snail mail address. Or at least, asked her to write you...

Though, I understand that sometimes in some small Mexican towns snail mail isn't an easy option. I know when I go visit some relatives down there the town is an hour and a half away from a slightly bigger town (by car) and to get mail, we have to go to the slightly bigger town. The bus only comes three days a week (that we can catch to take to the other town) and often gets full quickly.

Anyway, I'm sorry. I hope you get to see her/talk to her soon.
Write letters to her. Pour all of your care and effort into writing the letters, write them every day, and then give all of them to her when she gets back. There are two advantages to this. One, it will help you release the emotion and two, she'll most likely find it romantic and sweet.
Try spending more time with your friends and family, if possible. Like Suntzu said, you could try writing down your emotions into a letter or email - she would definitely appreciate knowing how much you had actually missed her and had thought about her. Also spending time on sports or hobbies may help you pass this week quicker.
Being away from your gf/bf sometimes it's good because you can come back to focus on yourself. You can start thinking about your own future and stuffs.

I've been with my gf for 4 years now. And sometimes I would really appreciate to be that I can hear myself think clearer.

Not that I don't love my gf. We are planning to marry next year.
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