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Vista service pack 1 coming out in 2007

yay there should be a service pack 1 coming out this year for vista which aparently fixes some of the majour bugs, Its made me feel better knowing that the service pack is coming out soon meaning i dont have to worry if it comes with a pc i buy. Also theres ment to be a xp service pack 3 coming out this year.
Yes. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 should be released by end of this year. Several details about it have been released during WinHEC. According to what i've heard, Vista Service Pack 1 will be using a new kernel which is comparable to Windows Server 2008 (Longhorn Server). Well, that's great news isn't it?
On the other hand, Windows XP SP3 may or may not be released this year. Some sources said that XP SP3 will only be dispatched to consumers beginning of next year.
The Sevrice Pack must be out or we'll turn to the Apple side...

Yes mystzro.
is it group of security update or other
Windows Vista Service Pack will be released in October.
Good news for Vista users. Nothing new, but quite crucially bugs will be fixed up.
Let's see if this makes Vista more viable for people or not.
There's something I don't like at all with Microsoft is that they seem not to be capable of furnishing a stable and finalized OS. There is always Service Packs that comes out a long time after the OS publication and then you get talking about Vista SP1 then SP2 etc...

On Linux OS there is the kernel that constantly evolves to fix problems and add features, programs that evolves too and a new version of the distribution that comes out at a regular interval (depending of the distro) that can be very close (like a 6 months cycle for Fedora, with it 8th version expected to october) and then you get a entire new OS with the last innovations and ABOUT NO BUGS or only a few that are corrected immediatly.

Ths system is much better, Apple follows this line too with Mac OS 10.x with x a number that is graduating at regular intervals.

Microsoft prefers making one system and then publishing little patches and correctives and sometimes those patches that fix a problem makes another problem and we need a patch to fix the patch Shocked
When Microsoft will decide to release a stable OS despite compatibility with old apps is bad and making evolving in "real time" it will be really nice ! lol

EDIT : 5 points earned with this message ! CHEERS ! Its the second time today, that's great ! Very Happy
Med365 wrote:
On Linux OS there is the kernel that constantly evolves to fix problems and add features, programs that evolves too and a new version of the distribution that comes out at a regular interval
Not always though, with distros like gentoo as an exception. There's nothing like a version really. Update at your pace. Anyways that off topic.
But, I don't get it. What's wrong with having incremental updates at short intervals? Yeah, but they should provide new features and bug fixes.
And MS does charge afresh for new version of the OS, it'd be difficult for them to change their policy overnight and get a better working newer policy. So, it makes sense for MS to have a longer life cycle for one product. Even RHEL and SLED have comparitively longer cycle from one version to next. All the testing and patching to achieve that stability takes time.
Many OSS users could do and do like to work with cutting edge stuff as long as the computer running it doesn't have very important data.
MS's working model would make a short life cycle much more difficult to maintain cos the coding, testing and bux fixing has to be done first by the employees and beta testsers before general public previews it.
On the other hand it makes way much more sense for those following OSS model to release their code as soon as it's working and it does atleast the basic stuff right. Rest is left to the users. So, the updates are rolled out quite soon, the experienced users test it, fix it if needed and package it. Then put up all kinds of how-to's for everyone else to follow.So, everyone can access the latest stuff(at their own risk of course).
I am rather curious to see how SP2 will be as I've heard it will bring in the new features, the stuff that was promised would be in Vista.
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