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Who wins wimbledon 2007?

What do you think who become 121st winner of Wimbledon?

I think are 4 players which have chance to win those are Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Roddick.
I want to Nadal will the winner but probably will be Roger (i dont like him ) Cool. Novak Djokovic will be the black horse of tournament but i think he is so young and he haven't enough skills. He loose in semifinal agains Roger Federer.
When Roddick catch form he has chance to win but its 1:20.
What is your opinion?
I think Novak Djokovic will win however Federer will be the most likely person. Nadal doesnt stand a chance he can only win a tournament on clay.
panic15 wrote:
Nadal doesnt stand a chance he can only win a tournament on clay.

i dont agree Nadal can win tournament on hard court and even on grass. For example Nadal won
2005- ATP Masters Series Madrid
2007- ATP Masters Series Indian Wells

and last year was in final in Wimbledon where won set against Roger and in second set had chance to win so that was very equal.
I would of loved for Andy Murray to be in contention, however with his wrist injury it looks like he will be very lucky to even make the tournament, coupled with his history of fitness ( or should I say lack off) it doesn't look good for him. Federer will win, Nadal will give a challenge, but the Grass isn't his element - his element is Clay.
Federer is the king of GRASS haha he will win the open...

Andy roddick will be a challenge and Djokovic too..
wesleyoh wrote:
Andy roddick will be a challenge and Djokovic too..

now i check draws and i think Djokovic has bad position to win or to be in the semifinal. In 3th round will be interesting match against Karlovic or in 4th against Mirnyi or Hewitt so i thing Djokovic loose in 3th round.
Andy Roddick has easy way to semifinals but semi against Roger so he loose.
Finaly i think final will be Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal i hope nadal win:D
Usually I would jump straight in with praise for Federer, pointing out how much he has done, how he proves time and time again that on grass he is almost unbeatable.

But with his recent matches against a certain Argentine (not using his name on principle Razz) it has shown cracks on what seemed like a flawless exterior.

However, we are back in Federer's playground. The grass tournaments are his bread and butter. I find it hard to short list players who can beat him over 5 sets, there are some great up and coming players (my money is on Roddick being a future Grand Slam champion) but at the moment Federer is still, without a doubt, the best grass court player on the tour.

For the WTA side I'm also siding with Henin. She is back on form, and her class really stands out when you watch her play at the moment.

Federer v Nadal and Mauresmo v Henin finals please Smile
I say Federer. When was the last time he lost at wimbledon anyways?
I did want to say that Federer will win at Wimbledon and that we are going to see some brilliant play from him. Who will he play the final against? Perhaps Roddick
If Federer and Roddick win their matches they meet in semifinals so final Federer vs Roddick is impossible
Well today is Fed's first test. Playing Marat Safin, one of the best argentinian players.

But is he good enough to strip a set of Fed?

I don't think so. I usually have a bet on each Grand Slam for Fed to win without dropping a set, didn;t make the bet this year BUT I still think he can do it.
Lusiphur wrote:
But is he good enough to strip a set of Fed?

i think Safin win second set cause when federer loose set usually he loose second.

---> Federer x Safin 6:3,4:6,6:2,7:5 Cool
I haven't seen much but of that I see I think that Roger Federer looks like he has something. I bet for him!
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