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Review my site please

I am trying to get my new business off of the ground. Please run through my site and let me know if everything works and if it renders properly in your browser.

Let me know what you think. I am trying to focus on a nich market and any feedback would be greatly appriciated.

View it here:
This rendered well in Safari.

I like the design of this site. Very web 2.0, very slick. I think this is your main strength. Unfortunately, I didn't see much content. I work in Real Estate and the people I know don't know too much (if anything) about setting up websites. If I were you, I would explain some of the more "technical" terms on the website.

Our servers run Dual-Core Dual Xeon processors with up to 4096 MB of RAM and SATA II drives with RAID 1 for redundancy.

Here I would explain what this means to your user. Tell them that it means faster, more secure data than other options they have. Tell them that it will be more dependable than other comparable web hosts.

Also, since many REALTORs and other real estate people don't necessarily know much about websites, use this as your Unique Selling Point (USP). In other words, promote your own web design work more prominently--even on the front page. Then show them what you do, give them examples they can look at, not just a gallery of templates from one of those template websites.

Besides the content, I also noticed you have a forum. What are your plans for that? Why did you include it? I only ask because right now it doesn't seem necessary. Also, it doesn't match your website, it looks like every other bulletin board out there, including Frihost. It is not distinctive and makes your users think you left your website. Not only that, but there is no information there. If I was going to ask a question, I would just use the "contact" button, not go to the forum. If I were you, I would cut out the forum for now and replace it with a FAQ section. That way, you could build up good content, and then as the FAQ section got larger, you could move to a forum if you really think that your users could use that.
In all this talk about the forum remember Vincent Flanders' (author of Web Pages That Suck) first point of advice in "Biggest Mistakes in Web Design":

1. Believing people care about you and your web site.

No one cares about your site. They want their problems fixed. If your site doesn't do that, there is no reason for them to stay.

Remember, you have a great start with your graphic design, it really looks great! However, your content needs to be king. Right now, it seems as if it is more of a plebian.

Oh, I also like your concept. Many websites I see on this forum try to make an "everything" website. You have honed yours down and are focusing on a more specific niche.

Good luck on your site!
Thanks GB. I was thinking the same thing about the forum.

The site is still in development an I know that the content is king. Over the next week I will be filling it with content.

That is some great feedback!
Nice but costly site.
im liking the looks of this its a nice clean and crisp site only thing i picked up on was the buttons on the index page about your different plans i think it could maybe do with a different colour text as its possibly a bit hard to read otherwise all goood i wish i had the time to make my site look this goood
I love how simple and professional it is... very nice work on the design Smile
I love your design. I love the site. Very impressive. Can you please tell me how it is that you are becoming a registrar?

I know someone else found it, but I had a hard time seeing where your server specs were. Maybe, I just missed them, but I thought you should know anyways.

Also, the site renders well in firefox 2.
Can you please tell me how it is that you are becoming a registrar?

It is very simple. I have a reseller account and I started with a small package that does not include the enom subscription to keep costs down. When I upgrade to the next level an enom account is included with my hosting. Most of the big hosts like hostgator, reseller zoom and web hosting buzz give away enom accounts with an account.

I am going to add the srever specs to the compare plans page

I like the design. Nice job on it. I especailly like the little house. That's cute. Cool Razz
Works ok, and looks good. Well done!
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