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Tony Parker a future Hall of Fame ?

Anyone think Tony Parker can go down as a future HOF point guard? He won two championships and on his way to another and he's been a pretty big part of both title runs. What are your insights guys..
I think maybe by playing with Tim Duncan he's overshadowed, but he made his case in this series. He went out there and was the best player for the Spurs. I think he make it into the Hall Of Fame. I don't really like him much, but he has a lot of talent.
Yeah, that's a possibility. I don't agree, being with Tim Duncan does not overshadow him. Its quite the opposite. He complements Duncan, that way he is proving himself to be the one of the best point guard out there. He's fast, one of the fastest in the NBA in fact, versatile, quite athletic the way he drives into the basket plus that shooting range. It would be attitude, respect, self esteem and confidence that would be needed for him to be in the hall of fame. Being talented does not qualify you to the Hall of Fame, you need to do more. you need to prove that you're quite different. You need to bring your team to the championship and stuff. For Tony Parker, he still need a lot of effort and work to be qualified in the Hall of Fame. Anyway, Spurs fans out there, congratulations! SPURS just won the championship! I'm a fan, eversince Very Happy
Yeah.. thru the years of playing in the NBA Tony Parker has got on the top of his career he got his speed when he first step to the nba and now he developed his leadership decision making shooting and with his MVP of the finals he will be much better on the coming years..
not a chance, never going to happen
Parker may be a case like Scottie Pippen, great player with Jordan but nothing without him.

Pippen had room to operate because all the attention was on Jordan all the time. Same as Duncan. Both Parker and Pippen are/were great players but would they be the same as the number one option? I don't think so.

Only time will tell, but as it stands Parker is headed for the hall of fame if he keeps it up
hmm.. well see next season...
Its hard to call Tony Parker a Hall of Famer already. He's had an amazing Finals, but this is far from placing him with the all time greats. Yes, he did win the Finals MVP trophy as well, but I'll have to see him play this good every year, including in the regular season. He might not be a HOF'er one day, but I can safely say one of the best International NBA players of all time.
No way, remember he is playing with Duncan - the monster.
still, I would like to state my opinion once more. Guys, just don't disclose the idea, it is a possibility, it can happen or it may not happen.
yeah I agree with that comment
if Parker goes to the HOF then Chauncey Billups has to aswell (both Finals MVPs) and as much as i love Chauncey and the Pistons i cant see him getting in, which therefore means Parker wont get in unless he explodes for the rest of his career
I think it's a little to early to put him in that category. This year was his only truly GREAT year. Now I would say he is one of the best point guards right now. But if he can play consistently GREAT then he is HOF. In short... too early.
Bet i bet you he will continue to be a the best point guard in the nba.. I know that he sprained his ankle on one of his practice with the nationals.
It is too early and Parker is too young to even be having this discussion. Parker is one of the best point guards in the league right now. Parker is also in a very good system with a super star, Tim Duncan, to take the pressure off of him. Parker is only an all-star, not a super-star. it takes more than just being an all-star to make if into the hall of fame. He is one of the best point guards right now. but the hall of fame has a much wider perspective than just a good point guard right now. To be in the hall of fame, his entire career needs to be significant to the overall history of the league. Also as an all-star, he is only compared and benchmarked against current point guards. The hall of fame is position agnostic. Meaning that he will be compared to players of all positions in all eras. he shines right now as a point guard, but even that starts to look a lot dimmer when you take his position out of the equation and compare him to the tim duncans and kobe bryants of the league.
To soon to tell, he has had a good career but needs to do it for a few more years before he can really be considered solid hall of fame material. Winning championships is one thing but haveing solid stats over the long haul is whats makes the difference.
He needs to double his performance like last season and prove he is worth for that title...
Its too early to tell.

Right now he doesn't really lead that team. He'll have to step it up in order to make it to the NBA's Hall of Fame
He has to be in the hof. his passes are amazing and drive in also...
I think Tim duncan actually did overshadow him...
still an amazing player...
He's a good team player and a good individual player. The Hall of Fame is filled with people who had that PLUS the majority of current Hall of Famers completely changed either A) The way the game as a whole was played B) The way their position was played. Personally speaking, Parker has done neither. He's simply been part of a stacked team full of all stars with good coaches and he's picked up his end of the bargain. He's not a Hall of Fame player right now...not to take anything away from him of course.

Also, he doesn't have two championships...the Spurs do. And you can't honestly say he played on the level of many of the Hall of Famers in those playoffs/finals series.

Again, he's a good point guard and team player and he meshes very well with the Spurs, but Hall of Fame? Not even close in my least not yet.
Tony is a great point guard...but he's not a great individual threat...great team player, but not a hall of famer.
I agree he's overshadowed... so I'd say probably not.
I think hes a very good player but I don't think hes HOF, yet at least. He would never have won those two championships without Duncan, and Duncan might have won them without Parker. Parker has the benifit of playing on Duncan's team and without that, he would just be another very good attacking quick point guard.
well this wont stop. but i still say, there's a possibility. we'll see what happens this season.
Tony Parker all the way..
dac_nip wrote:
well this wont stop. but i still say, there's a possibility. we'll see what happens this season.

A hall of fame is not built on a couple good seasons especially when your team is stacked.
Yes, he must be a fame-hall player in the future, if not now. By the way, I love Spurs' scout, look at what they are doing! Stephen Jackson, Manu, Udih, Tony Parker, they just draft these star players in later 1st round!
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