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Mark right answer

This is something we use on another forum I'm active on, it's for those parts where you ask a technical question (so not a relationship question).

But say you have a problem with your html, your div isn't working, you post your question and get some answers, this marking thing is simply a button where the creator of the post can click on an answer, when he gets the answer he was looking for, the sulution of his problem, he click on the "right answer" button on the answer post.

Reasons are:

1, People can see that this thread is done, the problem is solved, no need to post any more in this thread.

2, People can see what answer that was the correct one, if someone have the same problem, they can easy just check this thread and find the right answer in a matter of seconds.

3, You can learn alot, if someone post a problem and you don't know what the answer is, or it's more advanced then your knowledge is, you can easy find and learn more, no need to put any focus on the "wrong answer posts".

I find this method very useful on the forum I'm active on, that forum is a php portal, means there are more technical questions about code and scripts etc, but still think that it could be useful in this forum aswell.
This is a good idea, when i search for a solution of a problem I am having, i run into this a lot, where there are a lot of answers given, and its hard to find the one that works at the end, this would make it a lot easier to find.
A solution without scads of coding would be to have the person asking the question thank the person who answered it correctly by replying to that post.
but it will not show on the topic list, the post won't be marked, and that's the point. People can see that the problem have been solved
^That situation is already covered:
When you question is successfully answered, you are supposed to a) edit the original post, adding the word 'solved' to the title, or b) Use the report feature to tell a moderator to close the topic. When the topic is locked, the icon will show up on the topic list, and people will know that it is solved.
Yep, that's another option. Don't like the "lock" option tho, since it will be impossible to (just by looking at the thread) tell if it's locked because of what's written, or if it's solved. We shouldn't use the lock icon for something like that.

So the other sulotion would work if you first edit your post and name it (SOLVED) -topic name- , and then in your post quote the right answer.

My suggestion is just because it's easy and more likley that more people would do that rather then edit their posts. I know it means some coding for Bondings, but still think the "mark right answer" flag + button is better and nicer looking.
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