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A few wallpapers/models/wip 56k warning(updated 10/14-15/07)

Most of these are old... some are new... the programs i use are C4D, Bryce5 and Photoshop CS2

Wallpapers :

Models :

WIP(Work in progress) :

I hope the images arent to big!
Very cool.

And I'd hit #7. ^_~
these are so cool.. specially the second and the fifth one..

high view Smile
Gagnar The Unruly
The compositions on 1-6 are great. Not everyone has such an eye for composition. I especially like 4.
The black one is my desktop background now ^_^ they're all really awesome, but i cant have anything too bright I get distracted.

keep up the great work
Very cool. I like the first one most ;>
they look great, good 3d works Smile
I already told you my impression of your creation and I repeat it : It's awesome. How much time do it take you to do something like the first one?
Pretty nice. I suppose you're using a maya / photoshop mix? Anyway, they are awesome... I like the fifth one best... Nice job!
Everything was realy good, except the grass on the last images. It was too tick in the bottom, and was not bowed. Perhaps you should try to modeling some nature with plants now?

Lol, everything else was cool, specially the photoshop images.
Thanks for the comments guys! I've been teaching myself new modeling techniques and different objects on and off... Unfortunately I've been a little too busy with high school, work, and the girlfriend to actually take the time and teach myself more of what I need to learn... but I'm getting there in my opinion...

The program I use is Cinema4D. Smile


i like the jobs, really nice i want to learn photoshop and cinema 4d XD
Really good job on them, they all look very nice.

My Favorite is Three and Five.

The Work in Progress ones look cool too. Very Happy
all i have to say is wow
For the first gallery I'd pick wallpaper #4 and #5. I like them because they seem to have something hidden inside them Smile

Also the last two wallpapers. Beautiful work you did!
Thanks guys, heres a few done on paper... I'm not good with traditional drawing but I try...

1st Image - I sketched it at school I was thinking about doing it over in photoshop... but I'm pretty bored of it...

2nd Image - This is my last years math folder... I get pretty bored in that class when I'm finished working.

3rd Image - This is my friends folder... he had asked me and a few guys to draw on it... Mine is in pen(far left and the bottom), it says "A Blunt"...

4th Image - Sorry for the bad picture quality I had to take a picture with my shitty cam because it wouldnt fit in the scanner... It's a poster me and a friend were doing for art class, well the picture is of what I had done on it... In the picture it isn't finished and unfortunately I do not have the finished version due to the art teacher never giving it back... anyway it says "Lose Control" and it was done all in pen...

Wow this is really cool! Just beeing bether and bether...

How long time do you use to render this things? Looks like the models has alot polygons, but its amazing graphics! Keep up the good work!
I would say anywhere from 30 minutes 2 hours mostly because of the GI(global illumination) settings sometimes it'll take all night to render so it varies. Here's something I'm working on now it's not really much I'm just getting used to textures... This took about 2 hours and 33 minutes to render because of the GI AO settings... Also there are a few complications with 2 pictures and the letters dunno why it does that when I add AO but I'll figure it out... Thanks for the comments Smile

The drawings looks nice and odd Smile My favorite is the drawing on your math folder.

The picture of te room is amazing but the book on the floor has a few problems I think since there are words on the book and on the floor also, unless that is how it should look.

Great job though Very Happy
I like your camera positions and rendering. Light in last scene is so soft and wonderfull. Grass texture is just perfect in the scene with the table. All the models are so detailed. Actually your detalisation I like most Wink
Good works, buddy! Wanna see more Twisted Evil

P.S. Untill now I can't understand how to create all those fractal scenes in Cinema 4D. Actually I tried 3ds max for this, but never recieved so co looking scenes like yours...
Wow I love your stuff it's really awesome! Great Job! Very Happy
Really good art here. Nice Job.

BTW what would u suggest to use for a 3d program (money not an issue).
Really good art work mann....!! Keep it up...Post more and more..Hope to see more...I loved them really...!! Laughing Cool Laughing
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