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3 not-extremely-old games which I'm enjoying at the moment!

Bit of a random topic, really.

I just bought the Heroes 3 Complete + Heroes 4 Complete package off eBay, so I finally have a legit copy of Heroes 3 and now have all the expansion packs, and thus incentive to finally finish that rotten Spoils of War campaign!! Every time I get to the last level of it it takes me more than 3 months to take over the map so I lose Sad.

I probably won't really touch Heroes 4 until I've finished all of Heroes 3 (mainly because I don't find 4 as attractive).

The other two games I'm really getting into at the moment are Oblivion (I finally got a copy) which I think so far REALLY got things right where Morrowind went wrong. When I played Morrowind, it was like the quality was there, but I had to spend way too much time walking around to try to find it. Oblivion is a lot of fun, and being put straight into the action is much more satisfying. Add to that the open ended nature of the game and I think it's going to keep me busy for a while.

The other game is Demise, most people wouldn't have heard of it (see ). It's packed with replayability and addictiveness like no other. It's had a fairly slow patching process though (the history of the game is long and frustrating) and there are still some relatively prominent bugs, but the game is enjoyable nonetheless.

Of course I'll be finding time to go back to all the oldie-but-goodies which I grew up on, I'm just currently finding slightly newer games (in the case of Oblivion, a very new game) which have actually got my attention drawn (again).

Thus ends my random topic which I felt like writing only because I'm at work and I don't want to be. I'm really not sure where this is going but hopefully we can get some sort of discussion started Smile.
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