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Mark Z Danielewski

He's a pretty amazing modern author. He's only written a couple of novels, but theyre completely submersive in their structure - that has you literally rotating the book at some points in order to get all the information...

Here's a bit of info on him:
"House of Leaves, Danielewski's first novel, has gained a considerable cult following. His sophomore novel, Only Revolutions, was released in 2006. Though released to less critical acclaim than his debut, the novel was a finalist for the 2006 National Book Award. Danielewski's work is characterized by experimental choices in form, such as intricate and multi-layered narratives, typographical variation, and inconsistent page layouts.

In 2000, Danielewski toured with his sister (Annie Decatur Danielewski, lead singer for 90s group Poe) across America at Borders Books and Music locations, promoting Poe’s album Haunted, which reflects elements of House of Leaves."

I had read House of Leaves, and it was a great story. Hadn't remembered the band Poe until I looked up some old music videos, in which MZD provided the male vocals on some of their bigger singles. I haven't gotten to read Only Revolutions yet, but I've skimmed through it at the bookstore. Apparently, it's necessary to rotate the book 180 degrees every 8 pages.
I didn't realize Danielewski had come out with the new book (revolutions) until I read your post! Thanks for the tip! House of Leaves remains one of the weirdest, spookiest, most addictive and fascinating books I've ever read. Words fail me when I try to tell other people about it.

I just looked up Revolutions on amazon and I'm seeing completely mixed reviews. No matter, I still want to take a look for myself.

If you do read it, I'd love to hear about how you liked it!
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