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where can we work online?

i just want some websites where we can work from home. the work must be on html and web designing
How about blogging for money?
Try find some from here:
Although I don't know much about freelancing in the web coding area, but like other types of freelancing, just google web designing freelancing and there should be more than a handful freelancing community websites that people with projects go to to look for workers. (But beware of ones that require payments of fees to join or the such.) You should be able to find them yourself easily enough through google. Sorry I have no specific sites to recommend since I do not know much about the web coding freelancing scene.

Anyhow, even if you find jobs you are interested in, you most likely need to bid/compete for the jobs/projects. They won't just fall into your lap unless you already have an established client base. So, I would suggest drawing up an attractive resume, CV, and a portfolio, then think of how you want to price yourself first before looking for job offers.

Edit: I just remembered seeing people who also look for/offer jobs on webhosting directory forums like, that can be an alternative if those more formal sites don't work out.
Best way to earn online is to have your own blog. Then you are your own Boss and you get all the income that come out of your work.

That is of course if you don't have any particular skill or talent set. If you are a professional of some sort (writer, graphic or web designer...etc) then perhaps it would be better to look for specific job offerers online as mentioned by Aiz.

There are many ways to earn online without having your own blog or website such as paid posting, doing surveys, doing typing work etc...
I've seen a lot of publicity regarding making money through blogging...does anyone have information on it? Like how much can you make from it?

In my opinion, the best way to make money online is to have a very popular web site, then make sure to put Google Adsense on the site, and make a lot of money through the ads. It seems to work pretty well, and some people actually make over a million dollars from it.
srinath wrote:
i just want some websites where we can work from home. the work must be on html and web designing

visit this

the best as per your need

PM me if you want to know some more sites
Become a freelance writer. You obviously need good writing skills for that. However, some people are on a budget and will pay writers that aren't so good.
Hobbit wrote:
Become a freelance writer. You obviously need good writing skills for that. However, some people are on a budget and will pay writers that aren't so good.

instead of direct starting with professional writing one can startwith some small articles & basic writing

As a web designer i can tell u that freelancing is a great option. You can bid for online projects and earn quite some money online if ur good at what u do. Some like are free but the better ones like cost money, so its more of an investment. But i think later in ur years, when u get better, its worth it. Hope this helps.
where to get getfrelance ?

is there any site for this?
I think it isn't that easy to make some money in the internet. For sure, there are some dream-stories like this million-doller-ad-page, but i think they are big exceptions.

But also possible is the other way:

Your website can sign up to be an affiliate for free. You will receive a list of advertising sites willing to pay for customers put their way. If you link to one of these sites, you stand to make money for every sale that is subsequently made by people who have clicked through from your site. The network handles the collection of fees from advertiser, and the payment of commission to the affiliate.

The process means anyone with an interest they are passionate about - or even an entertaining blog - has the chance to create an income from a website. Experts say incomes of 1,000 a month should be possible, even for sites run on small scale. Here's how it's done.
I've got a part time job working for my local newspaper doing some web work. It's actually rather sweet. They gave me a computer, the pay is rather good, and I can work from home. The problem is that I have to get up at 2am. It beats most jobs though.
sleep is the best job though
Why not try web marketing or internet marketing. I think it's the best and challenging work.
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