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Fix my banner. 75 Frih$

Ok, so heres the thing. My banner looks fine on my computers. But on computers with a different resolution, it all goes wrong. If someone can fix it so that it will display properly on ALL resolutions I will be VERY grateful.



My Resolution: 1024x768

One "Problem" Resolution: 1280x1024
it has nothing to do with your image, should be because of your code.. cause no matter what size you have, you can always display an image propperly.. so it's most likley your code that isn't correct..
As asmo said, it's your code.

The problem line? This.
<td height="96"><img src="images/header.jpg" alt="banner" width="100%"/></td>

It has the banner width as a percentage - It's an image, so it gets pixellated as it gets bigger - It therefore should be static. It's also especially bad to have the height static and the width dynamic.
Ok, I've tried this. For example, a 12% height worked on the first page, but not on any of the others. When you do it for height the length of the ever-changing pages must be taken into account. I am looking for a more permanent solution then that. Cause with this method, rather then having a php file that I include so I only have to change one file, I have to manually edit about 50 pages, and keep doing that over, and over. Can anyone offer a more permanent or feasible solution?
ehm, use divs and css.. only need to change in 1 file then Smile
Php Includes? Stuffs it up if you do it in a WYSIWYG editor, but good otherwise.

The best option for your banner would be to have a tiled background, a centered image above that and some text set to a percentage above that...

Yeah. I've probably just confused you... Although I'm sure somebody will be willing to help Razz (I would, but I'm busy, sorry!)
Azmo wrote:
ehm, use divs and css.. only need to change in 1 file then Smile
You want me to use divs and CSS, but how do you think I'm doing it already? Granted the image is on a table not div I think, but a div layer would still require a pixel amount or a % which is where I hit the problem. I change the pages frequently and they are all different total heights. doing it by percentages doesn't do it.

And Hogwarts. I still don't see how a percentage is going to help me. Unless I can define a percentage based on width for the height then I can't get an image that will always be the same proportions and within its lil box. Basing it on height I will end up with a table that extends about 800px down when the image should only be about 100px. It's in a jpg format cause the layers are all jpg screenshots so I can't convert to gif without a quality loss.
no need for a % height (or width) in a div, leave it blank and it will extend with your site, and if I where you, I would check my image out in some different screen sizes, see what it looks like, if it looks good and fits, I would center my site and just place it where it should be, with an image class that gives it it's right size.. shouldn't be a problem anywhere then.. I've never had this problem so I know it works, using alot of different sizes of banners in different screen sizes and all works good Smile
Try this code to display the banner in your site

<td height="166" width="1024"><img src="images/header.jpg" alt="banner" height="166" width="1024"/></td>

Should work fine.
What I saw in your problem was really on coding.

I'm in a graphics for almost 6 years and i'm still in here.

Try to figure this out;
A picture or banner created with 1 inch by 5 inches (1X5) equals to 100X500 pixels and with a resolution of 300dpi being sent or uploaded in the internet, let say in My Space. When viewing on that page (My Space) it look good and very well. But if you try to download it the result would be a big difference. From 300dpi it would turn to 100dpi and sometimes 72dpi depending on how it processed from My space.
Now about your problem, if you are using photoshop, it would be the same resolution if you upload a picture or banner with resolution of 300dpi and never put any size on your codes. Because the moment you put a code that is below or lower than the exact size of the original image it will start decreasing its pixel and resolution and will never return to its original size with the same resolution. It will probably give you a 30% less resolution depending on how you resize the image. The more you reduce the size the lesser the chances to return to its original pixel and sometimes the result will be GARBLED images.
My suggestions
1. always put your image as it is or WYSWYG. If you want to fit it in your page
2. Never resize it by using codes.
3. resize it by WYSWYG editor or any image editor.

I just hope it will you a lot in your problem and in your future sites.
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