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lost my love

nearly 2 years on and i still care for someone i only dated for around 6 weeks.
but we kept in touch via phone txts email etc for 18 months as friends.
she hurt me and i hurt her by us both going with someone else when she had decided to tell me she did actually love me and that i had decided that she was never going to come round to my way of thinking.
that annoys me as i could of had what i wanted if only i had waited some more.
but to be fair i had waited 8 months too long already. i put my life on hold for her.
if only she had seen that

oh never mind
anyone else been in similiar situ
Hey, how's it going? I can say that I unfortunately have been in the same situation. Its strange how just a few weeks can mean so much with certain individuals. However, what I've learned from my similar experience is that its only futile to put your life on hold for someone you simply don't have a future with. I'm not saying this to be harsh, rather to just reccomend that you become as realistic as possible. Good luck with everything, and just make sure you keep on living your life for yourself, and pursue the things you're interested in.

i know someone who cared about this guy. she knew he liked her, so she told him she liked him too. then he backed out. 5 months later, he decided he was ready and asked her back. she rejected him. sometimes time is essential for the moment, so sieze the moment to love.
things wud ve been different if there was even a small change in the setting ... like you went to the same school, you were in the same place, you hadn't lost her number... you know that there's chemistry ... but at the human level, you ve got to be around each other to sustain it, otherwise, it may not fade out completely, but fade out leaving a shadow that clouds you, i think that s what it is 4 u ...

call her up ... talk it through ... be mature abt it ... be very close friends again ... meet up ... and let time do the trick .. Wink
kind of weird .

my phone rings other night . didnt know who it was as the number was programmed in my phone.
i said hello. didnt reqcognize the voice. guess who it was . the girl i been talking about.
she found my number wrote on a cd case while she was tidying up.
we chatted for an hour but was kind of strange feeling for me.
thanks for your views guys .
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