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Gardening - seed trading

Would anyone like to exchange seeds with me. I have several here. I'll get a list together for you.
I have several "Moon Flower" seeds to trade.
Moon flowers are large (6-8" diameter) white trumpet shaped flowers
that open at night and close during the day.
I live in zone 5 and they grow fine here.
I just got Eric Toensmeier's new book Perennial Vegetables and am super excited to start growing some of the ones I hadn't heard about yet! I'm in the process of putting together a list of all the plants I want to try out, and ones for which I have extra seed or can take cuttings from. Once I have a list I'll try to remember to post here. If anyone else is into edible perennial gardening let me know and we can see if we have anything to trade!


PS I bought the book wholesale and have extra copies cheaper than anywhere else I've seen. If you want a copy they're $21 plus $3.15 for can order the book (and several other gardening/permaculture related books) by going to
Here's a list of what I have to trade. Just let me know what you have and we'll go from there.

Sweet Shrub
Cypress Vines
Moon Flowers
Bird Peppers - they are real peppers that when you dry them, the bottom splits and will look like a bird. I'll be glad to email a picture of the dried pod if you'll let me know you want to see it.
Is any one harvesting seeds?

I've been collecting
moonflower (open at night, close up by noon)
ground cheeries (edible)
suprise lillies (late blooming, showy, short lived)
We haven't gotten too much into seed saving yet...I want to learn it, though! My partner collected fennel seed for its edible and medicinal uses, but since fennel self-seeds so prolifically anyway, I don't think we'll need to deliberately resow it!

We did collect some skirret (Sium sisarum) seed, because I only know of one source for seed...but we have not yet tested our different plants to see which ones have the best roots (we want to select for roots with non-woody cores), so I don't know that the seed we collected will be all that useful to us yet anyway.

We have ground cherries ripening; maybe we should try saving some of those! But we planted two or three different varieties and didn't do anything to prevent cross-pollination. Do you know how well ground cherries come true from parent if you don't do anything special?

Sorry, I can't answer your questions about the ground cherries.
This my first year with them also.

This year has been my worst garden ever.
We had a real late cold snap this spring and it devastated everything.

I have built a seed starting stand to use this next winter.
I've got a seed heater, trays and supplies ready.
I still need to find a couple of used 24" aquarium grow lights.

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