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Ok, I'm starting to obsess about this whole weight loss thing... anyhooo.. I've also thought about trying hoodia. Has anyone used this with an success? What does it do, exactly? Are there any side effects? What are the pros and cons? And does it make you feel jittery?

I HATE caffeine (ok, that's not exactly true but...). I don't drink caffeine (well,that's not exactly true either-- I heart starbucks and the good stuff is never in decaf! I just like the flavor... mmmm casi cielo....) I just don't want to feel jittery!

Any input would be appreciated Smile


I tried taking a suppliment and hoodia was the main ingrediant, i got one of those trial bottle things, and for a week took it as directed. Didn't help me lose weight, but I did feel jittery/wired and had some stomach cramps.

Then, when the trial runs out it costs and arm and a leg to keep getting it. (maybe that's how they get you to lose weight.)

The only thing I found that helped me lose weight was Weight-watchers. You don't even have to sign up to do the meetings, just find someone who already goes and get them to hook you up with the slide-rule thingie and some materials. Find some other people who also want to lose weight and you guys could use the buddy system to hold each other accountable.

Stick with the program and you will lose weight. I lost about 80 lbs.
Be very careful when using herbal supplements like that. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about it, especially if you take any other kind of medication at all. With Hoodia, don't EVER buy it online. The only effective Hoodia comes from the stem of the plant. Some companies use the root and, while they can legally claim it has Hoodia in it, it isn't the same.

You may want to try something more like Weight Watchers, or even ask your doctor / pharmacist about GSK's new weight loss product called "alli."
Try ......
Or ...

Wikipedia & a pint of beer Always works for me !!!!!! Laughing
I'd really like to post the fact that when it comes to hoodia the buyer must watch for one thing above all others, and that is purity. As far as I know (and I've tried almost all of them), the Hoodoba brand sold at is the only brand sold in the US that has no fillers or additives whatsoever.

This is key in that unless it has enough of the raw hoodia powder in the capsules, the level of appetite suppression will not be strong enough to make a difference. From what I understand the other brands dilute the products with additives, and fillers, and other ingredients as much as 70-80 percent to cut corners and to cut cost. When I look under the Other Ingredients section of the label, from those that I purchased (8 different brands), the Hoodoba label is the only one that says "None". No wonder it is also the one that truly suppresses the appetite as discussed in the studies.
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