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Gentoo Users Unite

just wondering who here uses gentoo

i run it on all my linux machines
I'm using ubuntu but want to switch because ubuntu is taking a worrying direction. One thing that bothers me is package management;how is it on gentoo?
it does take some getting used too

i would also reccomend, dont use the GUI or CLI installer, do a handbook install

its worth it in the end, because after 2 failed installs and headaches of fixing packages, it was quicker in the end doing a handbook install

but package management is wonderful

emerge -avt <package>

will print all the dependencies it will emerge in reverse order, and give you a yes/no prompt to continue

Arno v. Lumig
I have been using it, but found the performance to be bad and got back to FreeBSD instead. The performance is a lot better then popular distros like Ubuntu etc, but it's still far behind on FreeBSD...

It's a kinda nice distro, the package management is nice.
{name here}
I am not "leet" enough to handle Gentoo. Slackware is a simpler distro and it still gives me headaches trying to configure things like my wireless modem manually!
OS Master
I've heard that Gentoo is very good, but I personally use Ubuntu. Does it support Beryl?
{name here}
OS Master wrote:
I've heard that Gentoo is very good, but I personally use Ubuntu. Does it support Beryl?

If you can compile it, chances are it can support it regaurdless if there is a binary for it or not.
OS Master
At this page, I found out that Beryl supports Gentoo. In fact, Beryl is in its own repositories! Sorry for not looking. Embarassed
I have been using gentoo for a few months now. One thing that I like the most is the USE flags.

especially the -march and -mcpu (althought mcpu is deprecated and useless now)

because it makes alot of stuff SCREAM on an old P3 box i have

just using the -march=pentium3

Although I usually use Slackware on my linux boxes, I installed GentooX on my old xbox (it is essentially gentoo with a few patches for the Xbox) and I feel very happy with it: package management and init scripts are very powerful yet simple enough, and performances are good.

Two thumbs up for Gentoo Very Happy

My 2 cents
fiendskull9 wrote:

especially the -march and -mcpu (althought mcpu is deprecated and useless now)

because it makes alot of stuff SCREAM on an old P3 box i have

just using the -march=pentium3

Isn't that cflags? But, yeah cflags and stuff is all fun too. And not to forget the vast documentation around. IMO, best docs around for any distro.


your correct

although i know some users have some confusion from the handbook, because they sometimes will open the 2007.0 handbook thinking that its the "Gentoo Handbook"

im amazed at how they can have such amazing documentation, but yet such an unclear and hard to navigate website Rolling Eyes

You'll spend lot of time by compiling everything from source.
For me, padkage management is better on Gentoo then on Debian/Ubuntu.

Gentoo is the first linux distro which I didn't delete from my computer. (I have tried Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse and some live distros)

After year of permanent useing I could say: yes It si wery good distro

You can have as much or as little packages you want. (In contrast with Fedora, where you say you want some little package and it also installs tones of other unneded packages)
I use Gentoo Smile
Because Gentoo's package management system requires end users to compile ALL packages, it requires a decent (high-end) system. While it may be true that my system is quite a bit old, PIII 256mb RAM, it took over 40 hours of compiling to get up and running. When I had to do a re-install (GParted error wiped my partition table, testdisk couldn't recover Gentoo because I was resizing it), I used Kororaa (get Gororaa if you prefer Gnome over KDE) which took me about 1 hour to get up and running as the setup files are pre-compiled. Gentoo isn't the mostly noob-friendly distribution, probably has the highest learning curve of modern *nix distributions actually, but its flexibility is what makes its users dedicated. For people switching from Windows to Linux, Ubuntu is definitely the way to go; though as power users will tell you, it is quite limiting to customizing and the Synaptic package management system is not as well coded as Portage but at least you don't have to deal with unmasking packages and all that "fun" Gentoo stuff. If only hard-drive installed distros were as versatile as Knoppix Wink
and off topic, your anti-pixel site is amazing!
Synaptic package management system is not as well coded as Portage

Only epic noobs actually use synaptic. Aptitude and raw dpkg are what real people use. Fo' sho'
I have gentoo on my own PC. Mac OS X with MacPorts on my computer at school, and I run a small lab full of Ubuntu PCs for other students.

I picked Gentoo for my own a long time ago when I was working with PCs with different architectures and it was nice to have the same distro on all of them and not worry about prebuilt packages. Plus it gives a lot of control and I grew up on Slackware so I was used to that and wanted that.

MacPorts is very similar to portage. However not as fleshed out and it doesn't seem quite as powerful. But it makes the Mac very usable for a Unix person.

Ubuntu I really like. I picked it for the lab having never used it before, but I didn't want to setup Gentoo and then when non-linux users tried to set it up on their own PC it's a pain. So I figured Ubuntu they could install on their own computers and I could make do with at the lab. Aptitude is nice. Not source based but for most things that's okay. And Ubuntu mostly just-works.

I'll be getting a new PC soon and I'll have to decide between Gentoo and Ubuntu. Leaning towards Gentoo at the moment but we'll see.
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