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How many of you have a landline and a cellphone?

Which kind of telephone line to do have?
Just a land line
 9%  [ 9 ]
Land line and 1 or more cellphone(s)
 72%  [ 67 ]
Just a cellphone
 18%  [ 17 ]
Total Votes : 93

Cell phones are becoming more and more mainstream in North America. More and more family members each have a cellphone, and talking packages between them. Saying that. Do you think the land telephone line will become extinct in a few years. There is really no point in having both, is there? There are so many communication mediums today, are we not wasting money using something we don't need?

Answer the poll to see where you fit into the equation.
Well, when I was living with my family, we had five cell phones and a landline Smile . It was good though, because I'd rather everyone know my home phone and not my cell phone. The cell phone is more personal.

I don't think that cell phones will delete landlines because when the cell phone communications fail, we still have the landlines. Plus, like I stated above, the home phones are for public access. Cell phones are yours and more private.

Though I may be wrong...

God bless Wink ,
i think a landline an cell phone makes perfect sense. it makes me mad when people use their cell phone as a house phone and that is not very smart
dz9c wrote:
i think a landline an cell phone makes perfect sense. it makes me mad when people use their cell phone as a house phone and that is not very smart

You mentioned that having a cell phone as a land line replacement isn't a smart idea. What do you think about VOIP as a land line replacement? If your internet goes down, so does your phone. I think if everyone were to jump in and get a cell phone, land lines could easily be a thing of the past. Sure, they're reliable, but cell phones aren't? It makes better since to have a cell phone anyway, since each member of a family has their own number and you can get in touch with someone much faster than calling a land line.
Near where my cousins live, the pizza place won't deliver orders to cell phones. Too easy to lead the deliveryman on a wild goose chase, I guess.
The main problem with landlines is that you have to pay quite a bit just for having the line even if you don't use it. With a cellphone you can get a plan where you only pay for the calls you make. If you have a summer home as well as a "normal" home then the cost of landlines can get quite expensive. This, in my opinion, is what will kill landlines eventually. The infrastructure will be too expensive to keep. ip-telephony is useful, especially for making calls to foreign countries, but again you usually need a landline and you are dependent upon the isp and their infrastructure (Based on my experience with my internet connection I will not be giving up my ordinary telephone anytime soon!),
I have 2 Land lines and 2 cellphone(s) ...

but i mostly and usually use my cellphone Arrow
{name here}
I use phones so infrequently that I only have a landline system I'm mainly forced to have due to my internet connection.
Upgraded my cellphone few years ago, and got the line frozen.
I wasn't using it much anyway...
I have two land telephone lines and two cell phone lines in my home. One landline is the original one the house came with, and the second line is the one that my parents added so my sister and I could log onto the internet at the same time. That was when we had dial-up, though, and now the second line is only used by my mother whenever she feels like making international calls. The main phone line is used by both my parents, as their friends and acquaintances call them there; neither of them feel they need to have a cell phone. My sister and I both have cell phones, and I have just about stopped using the main phonelines together; however, my sister has yet to do so, since she does not use her cell phone as often as I do.
i have a landline and ermm 5 cellphones in my house
i use my cellphone the most
My family used to have both a landline and cellphones, but recently we got rid of our landline cause my mom thought it was a waste of money to have a homephone when we all have cellphones. Well, at least it saves us some money. About $20-$30 a month, but that's still a good amount.

Now we all just have cellphones. (Except my little brother)
i have a landline and a cell phone. but i use the cell more. more mobile.
I have a landline and a cell. The landline is good for local calls and for my currently free dialup. The cell is nice because I use it for business and don't have to sit and wait at home for a necessary incoming call. Will I ever ditch the landline when I go to DSL? The answer is no!
dz9c wrote:
i think a landline an cell phone makes perfect sense. it makes me mad when people use their cell phone as a house phone and that is not very smart

Ignorance is not a virtue. Neither is bad grammar.

If a person lives alone, then why do they even need a land-line phone? I mean, they have a cell phone. They take it everywhere. So it's bad to use it instead of paying hundreds of dollars per year for a land-line phone, even when they can use a mobile phone cheaply..

You make about as much sense as trying to make ice in a microwave.. Rolling Eyes

Each person in my family of five has a mobile.. and we have a landline. I don't use my mobile though, as I think it's cheaper to use our landline or a payphone if necessary. (I haven't recharged my phone for well over a year now.)
my mother bro and i have 1 landline and 4 cell phones.. my mother has 2 xD
This may sounds nuts to some , I have 1 cell phone 1 landline, the vonage service which is a internet phone service to some that do not know, then when i work I get work cell for the job which is about to fall apart. Everytime a phone goes of I pounce to my backpack 10% of time it not mine Laughing Laughing
LumberJack wrote:
Cell phones are becoming more and more mainstream in North America. More and more family members each have a cellphone, and talking packages between them. Saying that. Do you think the land telephone line will become extinct in a few years. There is really no point in having both, is there? There are so many communication mediums today, are we not wasting money using something we don't need?

Answer the poll to see where you fit into the equation.

Although I am not in North America but the situation is same here. Infact, we have more cell phone users than landline users Razz

Personally, I have 2 landlines & 5 cellphones in my home. Each being for different purpose.

But I dont think landlines will be completely replaced for 2 reasons. First its easy to block a cell phone than a landline by some device. Secondly, landlines are still way cheaper than cellphones.

Other minor reasons include, some claims that radiation of cell phone is harmful etc.
I have got two locked phones and one simcard, and I need to use my mobile, it's really getting to me now...
i have mobile and landline... here landline is more cheap.. so I think that mobile will force out landline when connection of cell phones will be very cheap.
I have both a land line and a mobile, in Europe mobiles are faaaar more expensive in comparison to landlines

I like the mobile, but I mostly use it for texting
meet in rio
I have a mobile 'phone and use my parents' landline when I'm at home, but I don't bother when I'm away at university. We get a lovely internal landline system in uni accommodation, which is nice, but I barely use that. I mainly communicate by email.

I'm awful with telephones... I hate talking on them and (because I'm on pay-as-you-go) I'm really tight about using mine.
We have both a couple cell phones and a landline, and like alot of people said before you only give you cell phone for personal more close things and your home phone for everything else.
nope just a mobile (cell) ... dont need a landline, always with the mobile in most cases so landline is completly unecessary to me
I just use my family's landline for personal stuff, but use netzeros VoIP for non-important stuff, so really i am using phones the opposite way most people i know do, i will most likely get a cell phone when i move out in a year and still have voIP so i guess i will not have an actual landline later, but for now its landline and voip
Whille I do believe that it will be serveral years before home landlines start becoming obsulete, smaller businesses will probably continue to have landlines long afterwards.

VOIP is gaining much popularity and many home users and businesses are going in that direction. I can see how in 10 or 20 years time, hardwired telephone lines will be a thing of the past.

The problem with cell phones is that they're not entirely stable and international. In some places, at least around here, there are a lot of places where my phone cuts out because of the loss of cell phone towers. That's why I think landlines won't go obsolete until cell phones become more national and expand their coverage, which won't be for a good while.

I, too, agree that when residents stop using landlines, the businesses will keep them. Why? Because if no one uses them, the services will be clear and a lot more supportive. Plus, emergency hot lines like 911 can never switch unless cell phones get 99% reliability.

God bless Wink ,
At home we have 3 landlines (below floor, first floor, second floor) and 4 cellphones (mom / dad / sister / me).
I have never had a cell phone in my life... just dont really want to spend the money on it when I have no real need for it, if someone wants to contact me, they can just call my home phone... and besides.. if im out, all my friends have them, so i can just use theres if i need a phone.
Most people here in Belgium have an land line. And most 12 ~ 60 year people have a cell phone too.

Here we also have both. We don't use the landline as often as the cell phones but it's cheaper for long calls Smile (we call for free... 17€/month => 60€/month for telephone, digital tv and 10mbit internet connection).
In my family, all of us have cellphones, but we still have a landline (two, in fact... mom has a tax business in our basement).

We did, however, take long distance off of our landline. Pops figured that it made no sense to pay for long distance twice. Which I suppose still holds true for local calls, but oh well.

It's nice to be able to call home.
Well, by cellphone I presume you mean mobile... in which case my family has a land line and all but my youngest sister have a mobile.
m-productions wrote:
if im out, all my friends have them, so i can just use theres if i need a phone.

Phone Mooch!!

I haven't had a landline in several years.

A lot of people don't know that if you're ever arrested, your phone call has to be to a landline... so I'd be outta luck if I ever got arrested because I dont know any landline numbers.
Wow. There is some really stark differences in opinions, and the poll numbers are interesting as well. I did expect a large amount of people to have just a land line, but not that much. In hindsight, I suppose it makes sense due to the growth of the cellphone industry. I am interested by how people are justifying the use of landlines and cellphones. There really isn't a correct answer, just a matter of preference. I definitely didn't realize how expensive cellphones are in Europe. Cellphone technology in Europe and Asia is far superior than North America's, but I assumed that meant lower prices.

Keep the comments coming! Cheers everyone.
both, but the land line is public belongs to we 4 in a room,
we all have cellphones, so we seldom use the land line.
I have both. I have a cell phone and a land line. The land line came with my cable package. I use my cell about 95% of the time though. Only my immediate family has the land line number along with a few retailers that require that you have 2 verifiable points of contact numbers other then a work number. If it is not a recognizable or familiar number on the caller ID I will not answer the land line other then that it rarely gets used. I recommend having a land line just for emergency purposes. I use a cordless house phone of course, but I keep a rotary phone in the closet in case of power failure or some other unforeseen issue. Having lived in California half my life and Texas the rest, being prepared for natural disasters becomes second nature.
Never thought about natural disaster issues. I guess that is what I get for living in Central Canada most of my life.
my family both have cellphones and a landline. but it still appears to be useful for it costs less. we rarely use our landline, though. most of the time, only for long calls and asking for delivery.
I've just got a new mobile phone, had my old one for about 14 months - then it broke. But I still have a landline! For a start, it's cheaper to call from the landline and more convenient for someone who wants to call the house and not just one specific person. After all, we always put the house phone (landline) back on its stand in my household. We have our mobile phones with us so that we can answer them more quickly.

Plus, as hlavco said, some places don't accept the use of mobile phones to avoid being scammed or cheated. Also remember that landlines are generally higher in quality than mobile phones, especially the old ones on cords I think.
I have a land line (for dialing up to the internet) and 3 mobiles (2 for business and 1 personal)
Almoust everyone here in Findland has cellphone and they got landline too. More and more peopple only buy a cellphone because it's more handy to use. It's very reliable too and doesn't require a cable. Wink
Also many peopple have broadband connection too.
My mother refuses to get rid of the landline...which is just as well because she uses it a LOT and we only have 1000 minutes/month...shared.
i've got both.

infact, everyone seems to have a cell phone these days.
kevin briggs
we have both mobile phone and land line,we try to use our free credit with the mobile phone and use the land line for incoming calls only.
i think we could do away with our landline only we need it for our internet connections
Cell phones are becoming more and more mainstream in North America

not in north america only but in all the world
cellphones became very important to me but i cant stop using landline because it's cheap Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink
Well we have landline and 5 cellphones (My bro has two.. Lol) and I prefer cell phones cause I'm more into texting.. ringing someone up is like giving them extra importance.. so I don't do that.. =D
Confused In Australia, all Internet Plans that I have come across require you to also sign up for their Landline.

From reading these posts, It sounds like you guys don't need a landline to connect. Is that right?

Personally, I always use mobile for everything as its is more convenient, and when I'm at home i have MSN, and email.

Landlines will definitely be cut, just a matter of when. VOIP will take over, as it is much cheaper to operate and the quality and reliability is improving all the time.
DaJiMsTa wrote:
Confused In Australia, all Internet Plans that I have come across require you to also sign up for their Landline.

From reading these posts, It sounds like you guys don't need a landline to connect. Is that right?
No, its just that people who don't have landlines get their internet from their cable provider with a cable modem, instead of DSL.
LumberJack wrote:
Cell phones are becoming more and more mainstream in North America. More and more family members each have a cellphone, and talking packages between them. Saying that. Do you think the land telephone line will become extinct in a few years. There is really no point in having both, is there? There are so many communication mediums today, are we not wasting money using something we don't need?

Answer the poll to see where you fit into the equation.

Nah, land line wouldn't exctint that fast yet- hey, they're lots of corporations and businesses depend on land lines don't they? Until the VoIP conquers land line I guess.. Yeah, in my country, I think every teenies over 13 dubbed 'must' have a cellphone with them all the time, not just here I guess, I think Japan, Singapore and South Korea have the same kind of trend as well. Man.. imagine a group of high school students went through the immigration scanning at the airport, and hey, every students are with their own cellphones, despite various brands and kinds.

Land line in homes yeah, is slowly going away with time, but won't till the extinction level just that in a few years to come.. especially in rural areas. But I'm going to see the future of VoIP sometime very soon, if Internet connection are far more stable by today's standards.

I could predict lots of technological advances.. ten years ago when I was a kid , I predicted that cellphones could watch movies with them.. and hey, it's in the market today.. and now I'm predicting for this kind of three way-powered cellphone, battery, solar and pendulum.. just watch it ok? VoIP will soon take over as well.. hmm.. one more, anyone thought of Internet connection over satellite? Or it's already there, just isn' t in my knowledge?
I have a Landline and a Cellphone but I mainly use the Cellphone I only use my Landline for my Internet Access.
Yes, satellite internet is available, but the latency it not as great-though it does have fast download speeds.
I got both landlines and a cellphones (not all mine). But if I were to live alone I'd probably just get me a cellphone because that would be better for the environment and less radiation waves going around Very Happy And also better for my financial side of things because I won't be paying for both. But for long distance, now that would be a problem if I were to do it on cellphone Very Happy
Basically everybody in my family has a cell phone except for my dad and me. My mom just got her's recently and she hardly even uses it (I don't think she knows how).

I don't mind not having a cell phone because I don't really talk to that many people anyways. >_>
I use my family's landline for long distance calls, and I use my cell phone for everything else. Cell phones are pretty expensive though, both in monthly fees and the cost of the phone.
I have a cellphone and a landline in my home. In my country, many young people have thought that they no longer need landlines. Because most of them, I'm not sure but I think it's over 99%, are just using their cellphones. I could see that public phone booth are disapearing on the street in my country.
And these days many people are interested in internet phones. there are many advatages for people who need long distance calls or oversea calls.
Well, at our place we have 2 cell phones and 1 landline.

Landline is more for someone to reach the whole family whereas cell is only for my personal use.

The only reason we have landline is because its much cheaper to call from the landline than the cell.
Don't forget about long distance, that tends to be very expensive with cellphones o_O
His i m saqib from pakistan.
I am using both land line and cell phone. I think cell phone is more useful then landlind. That's y i use cell phone. you can send and recieve text messages on cell phone but u can't do this stuff on a land line.
In pakisatn cell phones are becomming more and more popular in all the areas of daily life...
I agree with most of the post so far, cell phones have the growing interest, but land lines are here to stay. I just got my first cell phone at the first of the year, and have to say I'm just not a big phone person, so I hardly use any of my min. and by best friends use the same network so I don't have to use min.s at all.
I use landlines (mainly), cellphones and VoIP (I know it's not related to the topic, but I thought I would add it), and I agree, landlines will stay around for a while yet. If only for the fact you can still ring out during an emergency and call close ones and the emergency services. I'd recommend keeping a landline as an backup.
I have both. Here in Finland most of the people dont anymore have landlines, so seeing that most of the frih users have both is kinda strange to me.
I have a landline only. I hate cellphones and everything about them. If I need a phone, there are payphones around. A cellphone is just another bill and more wasted money.
Recently many people have chosen cell phones, because they ask less requirements (pre-paid cell phones), than the ones asked when you want a land line. However, there are many places without cell phone coverage, so, land line is the only option.
I have both a mobile ("cell phone") and a landline. I'm interested and slightly taken aback by the cultural differences between North America and Europe in this respect...

LumberJack wrote:
Cellphone technology in Europe and Asia is far superior than North America's, but I assumed that meant lower prices.

Keep the comments coming! Cheers everyone.

I would've assumed everyone in america had a mobile, as over here (specifically the UK for myself, but of course Europe in general) most if not virtually all of my friends and relations have both a mobile and a landline. The only people I can think of who don't have a mobile are a couple (but not all!) of my grandparents Very Happy A handful of people I know don't have a landline, but that's still not a lot; most have both as I said.

It would be interesting to see some statistics on this - I've googled without too much success - does anyone know any figures?!

Hello all!

Personally, I only got a cell phone and I find that everybody must have one.
Cellphones may sometimes save lives. If you are in a bad situation, you can always call and ask for help.

It happened me that, after a car accident, neither me and neither the person I got the accident with hda a cellphone, but we were lucky that somebody near cud call the police for us.

A cell phone is always useful anywhere.


Ps. I don't use landline yet, but I will probably... Probably also useful!
I'm gonna read thrue all these posts now maybe ill find a good reason to use one haha Laughing ..
Hm... well, cell phones are certainly becoming more and more popular, but I don't think the landline will extinct completely, at least not anytime soon. I do still like the idea of just one phone, wireless, that you can carry around wherever you go, including your house (like T-Mobile's new Wi-Fi thing - that's sweet). I do think wires will be outdated eventually, but definitely not completely extinct. There are always those select few that don't trust the insecurity of wireless things (like myself - I like having a physical connection, like a wire), but they just might learn to love, or take for granted, like I do my wireless internet connection I use constantly. As for me, I have a cell phone and a landline, but since I pay by the minute for my cell, I use my landline whenever I can.
bah ... cant be arsed with a cellphone... i'd probly never use one anyways and it would just p*** me off if i had textmessaging... so... ill stick with my laptop + wireless Razz
Cellphone has already become popular here...... Everyone must have one... and till now, landline is still important in our lives. Every family must have a home phone too. And for the companies, they have many landlines too. i don't think landline will not become useless... there is still a large demand on it, especially for the companies. If a company just leaves a cellphone for you to contact, do you think that company cannot be trusted ???? it's the problem.
I think traditional landlines are on their way out, for college I've got a cellphone (per minute plan) and a skype phone at the loft for $3/month. Which works out pretty well cost wise (much less than a contracted cell phone and traditional land line).
I have both.

Originally, I'd only gotten the land line because we needed it for the security system. We only have the barest of services on it. There's a small monthly fee of like $10 with unlimited local calls. If we have to make long distance calls, we have a $10 monthly charge added on in addition to the charge of each call.

My cell phone is my main line. I have a shared account with my family.

It's very handy to have both, especially if there's troubles with either one we always have a backup.
I think that a cell phone is more for contacting while out of the house and quick chats. A landline is better for more important calls, like appointments. Plus it is always good to have to ways to contact a person. I personally like my cell phone better, though.
I have a cell phone and a land line but i've been so busy on the road that I rarely have a chance to use my landline. Was actually thinking of disconnecting my land line and save some money as I rarely talk that much on the phone anymore and 99% of the calls I receive are though my cell phone.
Since there's 3 cellphones at home here, we decided to get rid of our land line several years ago. First, it's one less bill to worry about; Second, we're all at home mostly from dinner time onwards, meaning that we're out of the house most of the day; Third, we're already reachable 24/7 through our cells.
I have both. Very Happy
I have a landline and a cellphone. Landline rates are much cheaper and now landline providers are giving broadband and iptv thru the same line . so it kinda works. and cellphone may get lost and all that. but landline is better in many ways.
There is something I thought that was really cool, it is that when you are at a designated spot(picked by you) your cell phone can be used as a land line. It still doesn't replace an actual landline so have both but it is something to consider.
i got just a cellphone my parents thinks its bad but i dont care XD
my family (mom, dad, and me) have a shared cell phone plan. we've also got a land line. but my sis, who lives in montreal, has to use callingcards to reach us!
i have a cell phone and a landline too.... all my family membersown a mobile... though i rarely use landline...
In our household, we have 6 mobile phones for 4 people - haha!

Obviously we have a landline, but in the entire house, three landlines.

We have two wireless internet connections - one is 2mb (unlimited bandwidth) and the other is 8mb with bandwidth capping of 20GB.

It's a lot I know!!!
These days almost everyone has a cellphone in India. We also have a landline ph in our house.
There’s a monopoly on the land service here, making the service both very expensive and equally bad. Cellphones are just way too convenient. So no land line only a brain fryer.
I have landline and all family member have their mobile phones. I prefer mobile and I use it when I call somebody who also uses mobile. Otherwise I use landline, it’s cheaper.
I just consolodated the two, I was thinking about getting skype, but the internet is pretty patchy at home, so I changed to a monthly plan on my cell phone (gotta love the 15% discount for being a student at a big university...).
I have a cellphone and a landline.

This mainly because when I'm not at home I can receive phone calls, and my internet/tv/phone are all on the same bill.
Me, Tempdbs having two mobile phones and a Land line.

Having mobile is the worse case, always you have to attend, Hope landline is preferrable.... But for some circumstances, use mobile... Thats what I am doing...!

Hope all feel in the same way.. Embarassed Laughing Very Happy
Both. Landline is the home phone for me and the family. My wife has two cell phones, one from her work, and one that is her personal cell phone (she shouldn't have to use her personal minutes on work related stuff so her boss gave her a work phone). I have one cell phone as I run my own business I use it mainly for my work phone, but once in awhile use it for personal calls when I am out and about.
I have both a landline and a cellphone. Cellphones became so popular suddenly that I had to get one. My landline is still in use and I might lose the cellphone before my landline as landline is much much cheaper and easy to connect to. Cellphones however have problem of being in the network range or even working during the busy hours.
im in a college dorm right now, so i HAVE a landline, but i rarely use it. most people just call directly on my cellphone.

its easier that way, and it's always on me. it's the number i give to friends and businesses, etc.
I can't stand cell phones. I hate them down to the bottom of my soul. The different ring tones are annoying, it's usually hard to hear on them (in my case) and your call gets interrupted 90% by someone standing near you in the real world. I have a land line phone though, since I need communication by some means.
I only have a cell phone which I plug into my laptop for mobile broadband as well, the whole lot with 1000 SMS texts costs about £30 per month.
I move around a lot - university/home/friends/family in other parts of UK etc, so paying for a landline I would hardly use is just a waste of money, in any case, mobile suits my lifestyle far more than being tied up with a cable
I only have a landline, though I'm starting to seriously consider getting a cell phone.

The only reason that I haven't done it thus far is because of how ridiculously expensive it would be. For myself and my husband to have a cell phone it would cost a lot more than what we pay for a landline, and we just recently starting making enough between the two of us that we can afford a cell phone plan easily without eating through our income. It just seemed like overkill to get a cell phone.

But recently we've kind of noticed how it can be difficult to get around without one... not really in a terrible sense, but it is inconvenient. There have been times when we've gone out with friends as a group and wanted to split up and meet later, but been unable to because we have no way of contacting one another... and several people in that group are remarkably good at being late when given a time frame.

So I think we are going to have to give up the fight... my husband greatly dislikes cell phones, mainly due to people's attitudes while using them. We both find it pretty rude of people to talk on the cell phone loudly in public... and what's the point in hanging out with someone while being on the phone with someone else? It baffles the mind... at least it baffles our minds. But we're going to give it a shot, and see how it works out.

I don't think we'll be keeping our land line though... seems like it's just extra money wasted.
I have both a landline and a cellphone. That's the way I grew up, so I guess I kinda did the same.
well ours is a family of 3. we have 3 land lines and 5 mobiles. More phones than people in d house Very Happy
I gave up on the landline after my provider messed me about. I don't miss it at all.
The advent of cellular phones has been a big bang! It has easily phased-out pocket bell / beepers. In my coutry, when you have a cellphone, especially the new model available, you're cool! But having a cellphone does not mean it would wipe out the use of landline.

At home we still have a landline that we used to contact when cellphone signal isn't available. A local landline to landline call is still cheaper that the cellphone to cellphone calls. Almost all offices utilizes and uses landlines still.

Just recently, a new landline was instroduced. It's called Bayan Span, The Wireless Landline. Yeah, it's landline but works like a cellular phone. It has a SMS or text messaging feature. You can bring it anywhere as long as service is available in the area.
I live in UK and I have 2 cell phones (for 2 SIM cards). Cool
By the way, I would ask if someone has heard about WND Telecom's dual SIM card mobile phones.
Can anyone tell where I can find them in the UK?
I'm tired of carrying two phones...
I have a vonage phone at home and a cell phone. The main reason for this is that the cell signal strength at home is pretty bad (it is Verizon). I wish they would offer something like TMobile's hotspot@home service.
I have a Landine (ATT) ,Cellphone (T-mobile) and VOIP ( Voice Over IP ) from my cable company
had both. It was a waste of money and now I use cell only.
Both are a needed nowadays. Mobile provide convenient and communication access anywhere and anytime. Landline provided stability and most of the time needed as last mile of connection for broadband services. Most part of the world still does not have wireless broadband coverage, hence, landline is still important and a must....
I have a landline and a mobile phone.
BUt all i really use is my mobile phone
Both are needed as each has their own plus..

I feel an optimal way needs to be implement to bridge both..
i have cellphone only.. i used it anywhere ill go.. most of all important call.. like emergency.. Surprised
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