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hostel 2

I have just seen the sequel of the first hostel It is called hostel part II. It is imense, best film i've seen recently very graphic i strongly recommend that u do not let your kids see this.(we all now we let them see films when there underage).

Eli Roth has done a great job on this film. Keep up the good work, also he keeps the ending open ended for a hostel 3? .... i hope Very Happy

What are your views on this film?
I enjoyed watching Hostel but I haven't seen Hostel Part 2 yet.
I hope it is better than the first one. Is it the same style or better?
I mean is it the same building where people come to torture and kill people?
Yes, it is along the same lines. It is basically done with females instead of males, but is better with the storyline. I would recommend watching it as it is the best film i've seen so far this year. Don't worry it is better than the first one, more graphic too.
really looking forward to going to see this, i loved the first, one of the first films to truly shook me for many years...i hope #2 doesnt dissapoint
Trust me it's just as graphic as the first. I like the ending when the guy shall we say gets his just desserts.
Ehh? .. So is Hostel 2 out? ..I havent seen anything about it, or in the shops or anything.

I shall have to look out for it. Unless it's not out yet?. lawl.

It has only been out for a few days in America i managed to see it on my trip over there. Unfortunatly it is not out in the UK until September. I'm not sure about other countries, but however long you have to wait it'll be worth it.
Awww man! Sad that sucks lol. September is ages away.

Im guessing it wont be out in the cinemas due to the natures of it =[ lol

Sigh <Sad
Unfortunatley not, would have been funny to see everyone's faces when the graphic parts comes onto the screen. Not to mention the terrified squeels.
Looking forward to going to see the second one, i "enjoyed" the first one Wink
I can't wait to see it, the first one was like nothing I'd ever seen before so graphic but very good, I loved it, so I hope the second one will be better.
O it is. I have to say i felt sory for someone at the end. I dont want to spoil it lmao.
What I've heard is that there won't be a Hostel 3. Propably the idea or the statement of the hostel films are good. But I think that most of the people who like hostel are fixated on the violence.

I'm not sure whether it's only bad.
Good news people. Hostel 2 in cinema's June 28th (iroically my birthday)
Just seen it.

I'll be honest, I think I found it more funny than I found it shocking or disturbing.

As far as I'm concerned nothing could ever be more gross than the scene in the first film when Paxton cuts off the Japanese girls eye. Certainly nothing in the second film was that graphic.

Also, and I've not seen the first film in a while so I can't remember off hand, but was the first film slightly more explicit in what it showed? By which I mean a lot of Hostel 2 seemed to be left to the imagination. You'd see someone slash an axe or a knife or a scythe and you'd hear a sound effect or a scream but you wouldn't actually see someone be mutilated. It's an effective way of making a film, more left to the imagination and all that... But it just seemed more noticable that it was being used as a cinematic device in this film than in others.
o0o I'm even more excited to see this now!! The first one was shocking Surprised I'm glad to hear the 2nd didnt flop
I saw a review of this film and a few snippits... also an interview with the maker... that's all I need to know I definitely do NOT want to see this or the first Hostel film!
What makes you think this gore is nice to watch?
Yeah this movie was pretty sick. Makes you wonder whats going through the writers The movie was pretty good the story kept me interested all through the movie. I would recommend it. But their are some parts that yeah... you'll just have to see it for yourself.
Lady Elensar
Ouch. In the news (at a Dutch website) I read about a 28 years old boy, who was tortured by some other people, in a house. He screemed for help, so the neighbours called the police. But it took half an hour, for the police finally got in to the house (because they were not allowed by the head-office, they had to wait for reinforcement). They were to late inside the house so the boy died.

But the reason why I said this is because the martyrs were inpired by THIS movie! Surprised
i saw the first one and i was honestly a bit shocked, the thought that these things might even truely happen.. anyway.. i haven't seen the second one yet, but i'll probably do it soon..
Nice to hear good things about part 2, I love part 1. It was showing down here and I was gonna watch it at the theaters and they pulled the movie after showing it for just 1 week Sad so I'll jus have to get the dvd when it comes out. Was really looking forward though to watching it on the big screen.
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