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Learning to Play the Guitar

I am considering picking up guitar playing and I have a few questions for you current players.

1. How long does it usually take to learn the chords etc..?
2. Is it easier to learn on an acoustic than electric?
3. Do your fingers bleed when first starting playing an electric? acoustic?
Well it all is very personal to each person. I have very tender skin, so when I first started to play and tryed to take some acords me finger aiked like hell=) But in about a week it was fine to play.
Better to start on acoustic guitar.
you have to love it!! Be sure when you begin to learn how to play it!!
Don t bleed my friend!!
Don t forget the theory but it doesnt mind too much
And use the material i nthe web to learn faster. Use guitar pro software or somethin similar.i think its much better than tabs
Ok guys thanks for the help.
I'm probly gonna start with my dad's old acoustic, just have to get it fixed up first.
Electrics are actually easier to play, it takes less force to push the strings down, and I find it a lot less awkward to hold.
but take good sound from a cheap electric guitar is harder than take it from an acoustic one.good luck friend!!!
i play electric and acoustic... i was a really quik lerner... in like 2 years i was as good as some of your big band's guitarists... if u want a good cheap electric go to this is an amazing site and i buy les pauls, epiphones gibsons, esp are great but what ever your get if u get it from u will get an amazing deal!
Well.. whatever you do in your life you must do remember to focus on your goals, this one's no different.

You must be patient and..
Never forget to Practice Every Single Day
You have to love it!!! and you're gonna know very quickly if you do or not, by looking at how often you played it the first week and the following weeks in comparison.
I personally think learning on an accoustic is gonna make it a lot easier afterwords for you, you're gonna et more precise. but you're gonna have to move on ton play on an electric one if you wanna get the electric guitar specific sounds and play tehniques.
There is alot of metrial to learn on the net, as well as software like guitar pro! don't miss it, courses, videos, tabs, techniques reviews ...
I wish you the best of luck!
there are some points:

--the instrument.Information about material like amplifiers,cabinets,guitars you cant find it in

--the tabs and theory--Maybe using guitar pro 4 or software like that the learning would be easier.

--The composition--See the structures of the songs of your favourite bands,take their licks and styles and personalize your sound.To have an own sound is more important than to have a gorgeous technic.

I hope this post to be useful.
Well I picked up my mom's guitar a couple of years ago, and taught myself how to play it since then. From my experience, I never bled, but yeah, my fingers did ache quite a lot at first, especially doing bar chords.

1. Learning the chords is actually quite easy. It's being able to quickly hit a chord and switch to other chords that takes a while to master. But yeah, a lil practice, and you're quite set.

2. Acoustic is generally harder due to the frets being a bit wider (usually) and the strings being a bit harder to press. But acoustic guitars are much nicer to play if you're a soloist.

3. Ah yea, I answered that up there.

Although I like acoustics a bit better, I'm mainly an electric guitarist due to the demand in the band I play in. Oh well
I just started playing the guitar myself. I have an electric guitar and it hurts your fingers if you play for a while. That will stop once i play more tho. I suggest an electric because it sounds cool and u can make it alot louder than the acoustic!
aye i dont play the guitar but i sure do know that electric, anyday, anytime sounds better than an acoustic one. i tried the acoustic once but i culdnt kindof take merge into the sounds of it. but then , in case u wana show of tht skill of urs,, u better lern the acoustic,,coz everyone has an acoustic hehe Wink
It's not really about which sounds better though. It's more about which type suits which song. Also a lot of songs incorporate electric and acoustic throughout the song, each playing it's own part, with neither being of more importance than the other.

If you want to play a song without any backup instruments, an acoustic guitar beats an electric any day. (Which is why they call them acoustic versions)

Also, acoustic with pick-ups can easily be as loud/louder than an electric. Just depends on the amp being used.
Remember this my friend, if you will lose the interest your time will be wasted and you can't bring time back. So think twice here.
First of all, chords are easier than single strings. Acoustics are harder, and definitely will callous your fingers faster. But, overall, acoustics will train you better, because it'll give you a habit of pushing harder and therefore eliminating any risk of rattling.

Learning chords just depends on your hand coordination and muscular memory. Just play songs over and over and you'll basically get the rhythm of moving your hand at the right time.

Hope that helped.
I used to be in a guitar class, I was really good at it, even tho it got me really hard at the beginning I would suggest you to start with an accoustic guitar Very Happy
I'm also learning now, I'm taking classes and it's good to me. Practice is the key for success. Our teacher told us it would take a year to have a medium skill level, but only if we practice often.
If you're teaching yourself, I highly recommend:

There's a ton of quality lesson material on there, very organized, and constantly updated. It's about the same as what you'd pay for in-person lessons, maybe cheaper. You can certainly learn to play without it, but if you're lost or don't really know what direction you're heading, check it out. If you're looking for learn some more theory and are having trouble learning it on your own, the website has a ton of material for that.

As a disclaimer, I have no affiliation with the website outside of being a personal user in the past. For a beginner, I think it's well worth the money.
Fingers shouldn't bleed....
It is harder to learn on acoustic then on electric.
For beginners I highly reccommand the vGuitarLessons Tutorials for begginers,
They are available free on:
well i'm trying to learn the guitar, i will pic some lessons but i dont have any money for now, spend it on the guitar Razz

but i think that a good and nice website free to use an easy tu use is laking on the interwebs Razz and if possible in portuguese off curse Razz

hopefuly i will put it on air by my self one day Smile
Even easier than learning how to play on acoustic guitar is by picking up a classical nylon string guitar instead.

I've taught heaps of students before, and the number one difficulty we always had was overcoming the callused hand factor. Now hacking away at the skin on your fingertips might be your thing, but realistically the guitar experience when starting out should be less painful.

Plastic over steel anyday.

Just my 2c Very Happy
BioHaZaRD wrote:
I am considering picking up guitar playing and I have a few questions for you current players.

1. How long does it usually take to learn the chords etc..?
2. Is it easier to learn on an acoustic than electric?
3. Do your fingers bleed when first starting playing an electric? acoustic?

1. The time to learn is completely dependent on your time devotion. But one thing that you should keep in mind is that you practice every day. You can start with fingering practice and slowly move toward the chords. But I think if you practice 1 hour a day, you might be able to play simple songs within a month or so.

2. For starters i will recommend an acoustic guitar because its cheap and perfect for beginners. Once you become good, you can buy a good quality Electric guitar.

3. I have been playing guitar for over three years now and my finger never bleed. But you fingers and hands will definitely hurt when you first start to play.
BioHaZaRD wrote:
I am considering picking up guitar playing and I have a few questions for you current players.

1. How long does it usually take to learn the chords etc..?
2. Is it easier to learn on an acoustic than electric?
3. Do your fingers bleed when first starting playing an electric? acoustic?

I would like to tell from my own experience though.

1. For easy chords such as C Am F G7 should take no longer than a week.
2. In my opinion, acoutic guitar seems so much easier than electric.
3. Yes. The more pain the better. And that was really challenging me to try more. [Acoustic]

P.S. I have just noticed that it was a "2005" question. I guess you might be a famous guitarist already by now. I reply to this post because someone might ask the same questions. [and thanks to liljp617 for Jamplay's link. It's an interesting one]
i both ever want to learn play guitar in high school but didn't learn successfully finally. i think people who can play guitar is cool .
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