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RolandGarros - Nadal rules on clay

Yesterday Nadal was again better than Federer. I don't know why Federer was missing so much again (the same happened last year). Well... Federer wanted to finish the points early because Nadal was, as always, covering the field quite well and attacking aggressively from long range. When Federer went to the net Nadal surprised him frequently. Nadal made incredible long range strokes. His serve was also consistent.
Federer had to stay far from the net and his confidence was mined frequently.
I thought Federer would win, but that's not possible on clay with Nadal when not playing consistently.
Next year Nadal will be even better and Djokovic is rising. Federer still has a chance though... as he had this year.
We seem to keep forgetting that Federer is only 25 and Nadal is 21/22? So this intense rivalary is only going to get bigger. Not mention the up and coming stars liek Andy Murray and Djokivic(sp?). We can safely say tennis can only get better and bigger worldwide.
Nadal is the only one in the world who is able to chanllenge Fedrer
Wrong there is many players that can challenge Federer whether or not they can beat him or not is anoher thing.
Nadal rocks! he proved it again that he is king of clay.
kiranaghor wrote:
Nadal rocks! he proved it again that he is king of clay.

yes i agree Nadal on clay is like a god. I hope Federer never wins Roland Garros
So you'd rather Nadal dominate the clay courts and people have no interest in clay clay section of the season?
For hoping Feder never to win Roland Garos, he will win it sooner rather than later. Perhaps he'll do all for majors next season. Would be a good bet though.
I think this rivalry would really get a lot better if Nadal could play Grass as well as he could Clay, and Federer could play Clay as well as Grass. Federer winning Wimbledon all the time and Nadal winning Roland Garros all the time will just become tedious.
nadal lost to federer at cclaw it means his not really king of clay. nadal is beatable.

Maybe next year with a little luck and better form federer will win!!!... he my idol Razz
I still think Federer will win next year. Hamburg was a breaking point (Federer won against Nadal on clay). He dominated that match.
Perhaps the problem this year was the following: Nadal was a very though pressuring opponent. He didn't give free points at crucial points. At the same time Federer confidence and shot accuracy went down. Federer was uncomfortable when going to the net and missed several easy points there.
We didn't see Federer at his best, and that's the only way to beat Nadal on clay.
Federer was cruising on the ATP tour. Not anymore. Nadal is getting closer.
Djokovic is rising on all surfaces (next Federer in my opinion) and Murray is already very strong on hard and grass surfaces. And let's not forget Roddick. He usually looses with Federer but has the game to beat him on rapid surfaces.[/url]
Djokovic will be the next world number 1 for definite (unless some serious injury ends his career). I honestly do think that Federer is going downhill. So Nadal will catch up in the rankings as well as everyone else. I do think Murray will be in the top 3 in the world in the future with Djokovic or Nadal at 1/2 and Murray at 3.

One thing is for certain, tennis can only get better. Pretty soon more people will be interested in it. The same thing happened in England.... We won the Ashes and suddenly everyones a cricket fan.

Of course it wont be as dominant as rugby and football but 3rd place is very good for a racket sport. Also with cost of living rising so will prize money and with that pride money comes prestige. More people could name more than 5 tennis players.

Tennis games have been a pretty good hit with console owners especially with PS3 and Xbox 360 (Wii sports don't include the players unfortunately). Thus raising the profile of the game.
Federer is getting better on clay however, and in particular he is getting better at playing Nadal on clay.

If you watched the game you'll notice that Fed was playing a lot closer to the net than he would usually do. He has learnt that to beat Nadal (who has one of the most powerful swings in the game) he needs to play a much more aggressive game. Getting up to the net, controlling how much pace Nadal can put on the ball (his slices are rediculous) and playing to his strengths at the same time (Feds back hand is beyond compare at the moment), are all going to take time.

What we need is more Grandslams on Clay. If there was even 1 more, and Nadal won that as well then he would be the King of Clay. At the moment Nadal is at a stage where he can't advance on clay, while the other players have to get better and adjust to his game style to beat him.

He is a fantastic player, and it's great to see him and Fed go for it, but pound for pound Federer is the better player, I fully expect him to hold all 4 grandslams within the next few years.

Can you say that about any other player?
Maybe not now but in the future I'm sure Nadal will and maybe even Djokovic. To be honest i don't see any player holding all four masters as the competion is fierce.
Federer is still the only one capable of holding all 4 masters. Nadal is a tough oponent but I think Djokovic will be even a harder opponent to Federer.
That will raise the sport popularity.
There's one thing that should be mentioned. There are a lot of good players: Murray, Haas, Gonzalez, Canas (Federer was surprised twice this year), Roddick, Ljubicic, Hewitt, Safin, ... It's fun to see these guys playing. Tennis is surely much more than Federer winning on grass and hard surfaces and Moya winning on clay. For instance, Nadal won against Hewitt on clay but Hewitt showed at times a very strong game. Nadal game seemed to be reachable.
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