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High speed USB

okive been putting up with this, and cant take it anymore. When I plug in something, i get a msg from the computer

"There are no HI-SPEED USB host controllers installed on this computer"

"The USB mass stoargae Device will function at reduced speed. You must add a HI-SPEED USB host controller to this computer to obtain maximum performance"

now my question is this. Is this Hardware that I will need to place in my computer, or simply software AKA the "controller"

(and im pretty sure I have USB 2.0 at least I better >>)

please help.
Normally, this message pops out when you are trying to use a hi-speed USB 2.0 device on a conventional USB 2.0 interface/port. Since the USB host controller is tied to the motherboard's southbridge, you can't boost the existing bus speed by updating the device drivers unless you buy a new motherboard which has a newer I/O controller that supports the newer hi-speed USB 2.0 standard. But, fear not, what you can do is buy a PCI USB hub which is compliant with the hi-speed USB 2.0 standard and slot it into the PCI interface on your exisiting motherboard.
If you have a laptop, you're pretty much stuck with 1.1. If you have a desktop, depending on the age, you might have 1.1 and you can get a PCI card to upgrade to 2.0. Post what kind of computer you have (or look in the manual). If you are supposed to have 2.0 you may need to reinstall drivers.
like I said before on different topic!
Your motherboard might be defective even with BIOS update you might not get it working even you know that you have USB 2.0 especially with Intel chipset junk like on IBM T42 2373-6vu many of my classmates USBs didn't work and IBM had to replace it but I'm lucky that my laptop's USB is working properly Smile
hmmm i swore my computer had 2.0 but after looking into it, it does have 1.1, it looks like im going to have to buy me a card, thank you for your help.

This is typically if you have old mother boards. This is not the problem but an incompatibility.

Your device will wokr at the same speed as old usb devices where working. Only if this would have been a new USB port the device with high speed would have worked faster.

Its just like putting a 100MB lan jack in 10 MB NIC.

i'm using gigabyte GA-8I915P-G. once in a while i'll get this message. the strange thing is, even when i get this message, the transfer rate is more than 12Mbps.
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