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The night God handed justice to cheating Messi and Barcelona

Messi's outrageous fisted goal against Espanyol seemed to have set up Barca for another La Liga title. But unlike Maradona in the 1986 World Cup, this time there was payback for the Argentinian conman.
Maradona called it the Hand of God. Iím not sure how Lionel Messi would describe his equaliser for Barcelona against city rivals Espanyol at the Nou Camp on Saturday night - but the flying fist with which the latest Argie cheat beat keeper Carlos Kameni was just as outrageous as dirty Diegoís World Cup antics against England in 1986.

With Real Madrid losing at Zaragoza and the race for the Spanish League title moving towards its climax, it seemed reigning champs Barca were about to edge their arch-rivals off the top. That became a near certainty when Messiís second goal - this time a legitimate one - put them 2-1 ahead with Madrid still trailing.

Barca, it seemed were about to soar three points clear of Real with one game to go. Then, wonder of wonders, the good Lord looked down, realised that sinners should never be winners - and put everything right. Well, almost.

First, Ruud van Nistelrooy pounced with a late Madrid equalise. Then, just 20 seconds later, wonder of wonders, Espanyolís Raul Tamudo raced through to snaffle a last-gasp equaliser in Barcelona and stun the Nou Camp to silence.

Itís no consolation to Peter Shilton or Englandís 1986 veterans but at least I now know there is a God after all. Itís a pity he was asleep when fatty Maradona was conning the world in Mexico City.

Sky Sportís Spanish football experts seemed to think there was nothing particularly outrageous about Messiís con trick. He got away with it, so good luck to him, seemed to be the general opinion.

A far cry from the cacophony of outrage that would have exploded had the same thing happened in a Premiership game.

The logical answer is, of course, the introduction of video technology, which would have seen the goal wiped out and Messi booked - if not red-carded. But until the gameís doddering rulers are dragged screaming out of the 19th century, thatís not going to happen.

Messi wonít of course be disciplined for cheating. But then once could hardly expect him to rush to the ref and plead: ĎíPlease donít give the goal - I scored it with my fist, not my head.íí

I suspect that would have got him into 100 times more trouble with his club. But heís certainly lost brownie points with He who matters.

Or maybe God only hands out gifts to Argentinians - not justice.
Do you feel as strongly as Donna about Messi's controversial goal? Should he be disciplined for cheating? Very Happy
Oh welll.. I didnt really see that match but if the final match real madrid were to lose the title, Den i guess it is injustice to real madrid.
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