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Allergies: Cats or Dogs?

Are you allergic to...
 28%  [ 7 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Cats and Dogs
 24%  [ 6 ]
 48%  [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 25

I've had pretty severe cat allergies for a while now...but when I come in contact with someone, they usually have cat allergies, not dog allergies or any other pet.

If you have cat allergies, do dogs affect you? I wonder why cat's affect me as much as they do... Take the poll. Smile
I took the poll. Anyways, even though you're allergic to them you still like cats, right?
I am mildly allergic to both cats and dogs, so I don't think my own experience can help much here. However, I do know that there are various different things that a person can react to concerning cats and dogs. There are various oils and enzymes that are on their fur (very few of which I think are similar/shared by both cats and dogs). So it really depends on what you're allergic to.

By the way, though I'm allergic to cats, I still like them.
I'm also alergic to cats unfortunately. I have asked my doctor about some of these questions when i was in treatment (which didn't work all that well, but i did learn some things)

Some of the things i learned were:

- The great majority of people alergic to dogs are also alergic to cats
- People alergic to cats may not be alergic to dogs.
- The alergy is created by the pet's saliva (yes the hairs affect you, but that's mainly because they lick their hair all the time)

I like both cats and dogs (though i prefer dogs)m, but in order to be around cat's i need to take something to prevent my allergy, usually zyrtec).

Be Well Cool
I m happy I don't have allergies.
I don't have any allergies either =D, I guess I'm lucky for that. I also have a dog and a cat
Geez, I have to take Claritin every day to control my allergies. It sucks. You really are lucky if you don't have to deal with them, haha. It makes me want to move to the snowy parts of Alaska. haha

Who knows, maybe my 2 dogs are the reason I suffer so much and have never realized it. Getting rid of them isn't an option though... Sad
I am glad that I am allergic to neither because that way I can own a dog. It is nice to own a dog when you're not allegic because dogs are nice loyal friends. Some of my friends are allergic to animals and it is really sad that they can't have any.
kevin briggs
i am allergic to almost is a nightmare at times, when i start sneezing i cant stop.i take a tablet everyday and it helps a bit but not a lot.

i an allergic to

freshly cut grass
general hayfever
kevin briggs
i am allergic to almost is a nightmare at times, when i start sneezing i cant stop.i take a tablet everyday and it helps a bit but not a lot.

i an allergic to

freshly cut grass
general hayfever
I'm severely allergic to cats. I've had dogs my whole life and I love having dogs, but I had a cat for a couple of months and they're just terrible for me to be around... I even get really bad allergies just being in someone's house that has a cat, even if the cat is outside. I'll probably own dogs for most of my life, but I would never get another cat.
I'm not allergic, but the woman I live with have a mild allergy to cats. Luckilly it's
worst with short-haired cats, and we have semi-long haired. Easier for them to bind
the cells from the skin that fall of. Propablly those little buggers causing allergy.

We would have a minor break-down if allergy found it's way to us. House full of
furry friends. Laughing
I have a minor allergy to cats and dogs, but it seems to have gone down during the last few years. My main allergy is dust, which is a big problem when you're a dirty messy college student with stuff gathering dust everywhere.
yeah, I'm also suffering from the pets and dust allergies, except it's only really an issue when i'm at home. At university i'm fine, because i'm right on the coast the air is so fresh and crap-free. Back home, i'm on an anti-allergy-death pill a day, mostly because we have a gorgeous springer spaniel who doesnt seem to realise that he should back off when I sneeze at him...
None of anyone I know, who has pets, is allergic to them (or was). But a lot of them are allergic to the common household objects and chemicals.
I think, that cat-related allergies are mass media promoted issue.
But again, this is my opinion, based on my experience, your may differ.
I am alergic to everything kevin briggs is. Allergies are such a pain though, but i got rid of my cat and dog ones. I went to a naturopath and they desensitzed me to them. Then i took this medicine weekly and now i am only slightly alergic to them. You should try getting desensitized, but it only works for some people.
I have two dogs- picked off street- and I have no allergies; I love them!
I'm allergic to cats and I feel unwell, when I'm in contact with a cat - they're still cute though.
I have no allergies of that kind, but I dislike cats. I can spend some time with a dog, but not with a cat.
Its very sad story with me friends,i had sinus problem when i was young.We had one cute cat and dog.I use to like them both.Doctor had told me to stay away from them.My mummy was about to send them away from me.But because i like them she couldn't.She had warned me not to play with them.Whenever mummy used to be absent from house ,i used to play with them.On one unlucky day, my mummy was about to go somewhere.She went and i started playing with cat and dog.Mummy left something so she came back and saw me lying down with cat and dog.She shouted at me,kicked cat and dog,and well what i remember is that that was my last day with my cute cat and dog.Mummy departed both of them to my aunties place,300km away from me.Still i have images of both infront of my eyes.
I'm mostly allergic to cats. It usually only activates when I pet a cat and then touch my face with that hand, which I do without realizing most of the time.

Once in a while dog fur will bother me, but not as much. Half of my family is actually allergic to cats, but I still own 2 of them.

If you had mild allergies like mine, which just consist of itchy red eyes and sneezing, one of the best ways I've found to ease your eyes is to soak a hand towel or dish towel in hot water and then lay it over your eyes.
I only have allergies in the spring and fall when all the pollen and dust is flying around. Other then that, I don't think I'm allergic to anything.
Allergic to Cats, don't like them much either.
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