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Dungens and Dragons

i just LOVE dungens and dragons its so fun. any one els play it reguraly. my carecter is a levle 6 or 7 human monk he rules Exclamation the new updated books to expensive tho like 20 - 40$ i think its crazy good thing my bros the dungen master. Laughing were probly gona make i book about it. i give you a sumery of it its intresting. Smile starting oure adventure in the small island of one port island gather quests to hone oure skills for the chalenging roads ahead. 3 young adventures met up in a bar joining together to help the mayer with that fiery serpants. wich we figresd out distroyed the lumber mill. oure mission was to find the threat doing these bad things and distroy them. we found burn traild leading to a cave. we then went back to the mayer and told him the news he wodnt yet pay us he wanted them distroyed. so we told him we neded help to distroy these great serpants of fire and armor and wepons also. he did so and gave us what we neded and we neded more man power so we got 36 men the mayer came and the elf specalist came with us to help. we went back to the cave and travled inside. the monk rico sneaked around serching the paths ahead for enamies. thay split into 3 groups to cover the 3 tunnels. the adventures rico drake and alex gether. watred behind to wait for a report back from the scouts. time pased and no one returned but 2 from the right tunnel and thay reported very big serpants covered ni fire burning the fround around then making every thing black. the adventures then wen inside with every one els. thay walked a little bit then seen 3 of the serpants in awear of there presence. rico the stelthy monk hid an every one els did also and the cowerdly mayer kept from yelling out in fear. rico the monk sneaked up infront of one of them and got knocked uncnsens and dead by 3 critical hits from the serpants befor he could even pop his knuckles. laying motin less on the ground. drake the cleric healer puled him to safety thay faugh the serpants one of the other men brought rico to the church for resurection. mean while thay were still fighting at the cave thay taught ank kiled a few of them. but rico had a dream with a god he had to fight he faught the great god and when rico spilt the gods blood he yelled out no one had struck me in 5,000 years rico said nothing contuning to punch him vigurisly. rico was burning all over in pain a searing pain that didnt physicly hirt him but made much pain on his body. he defeated the god and snaped aweak. he woke up on an alter with a priest watching over him. rico said what happned to me? the priest said you were nearly kiled in those caves. we dont like to see any one die so its free of charge you can be on youre way. then the adventure rico returned back to the caves and felt a earth quake and seen all the people ruuning out of the cave. rico ran up and talked to drake and asked what happned. he said somting is relly pised off. so he just joged with then because he could easily keep up with them. the earth was spliting and flowing with lava the other adventures and every one were running for the port in one ort island. the serpants were riding on the waves of lave chasing them. the adventures and the elf elamentalist all got on the bost and every one els was consumes in a huge flow of lava. the boat sailed away safely. the boat made its way to castle alemore. ending the adventure for a few weeks to sail there. that the end of that part fo the story hope you liked it but i mised alot of other fun topics like meating with pirated and the sea monster one the way to alemore. of you liked the story i might tipe up the other parts make make a book for it on my site. tell me if you like dit thanks!
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