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my website


whadda ya fink o the design?
Cool easy to navigate. and I love the colors. Nice job. Wink
Hey, I like the design and the colours, so simple yet it stands out.

Is there any reason you had to hide the whole thing in a frame? You could do without it, for sure, and then people would have an easier time bookmarking in your site. While I'm on the point, you could use redirects to make the URLs you use easier for people to remember. (instead of ?page_id=07, what about /page07).

Also, w3c had a little whinge about some of the tags you were using, but they look easy to fix.
hey nice site, the template looks clean and nice.
The design is acceptable. It's a blog using a template... not much to talk about there...

your strength is what you are putting into the blog. Your work is really good. !
{name here}
Since you have used a cookie cutter template, I must judge on things that are not part of the possible standard design given to you with the template(the template you chose was quite well done in the basis).

You might want to add a title, and have less entries per page to cut on loading times. It might be a good idea to cut the logo down a bit as well - I think it's a bit too big.
Site is nice. The layout is well optimized. Colours aren't disturbing. The header picture is very nice, the size is also good in small screens.

You have .net domain, but you have your frihost site inside frame ?! If you can park the domain in frihost, you should do it. This also fix the titles what {name here} told.

However your site is nice, but not the best. Few fixes and you will have better scores. I'll give you 4/5.
Thanks for all the comments.

Its really interesting to hear diffrent peoples points of view. Please let me make it clear that i dont wanna take credit for the whole design. I am not a coder but i can butcher a template and make it my own as i have done here.

The domain parking and linkbacks are an issue that i am gonna look into but for now people who need to find the site can do so.

thanks again
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