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Best and Worst British Prime Minister?

Who do you think was the best and worst British Prime Minister of the 20th Century?

I think the best was Thatcher, who intently stuck to her guns, and turned the nations around from the 70s when the country was in turmoil with high inflation and such. I also know that people say that Unemployment was at 3 million under Thatcher, but apparently, they based numbers on the amount of people claiming dole, and a suspected 1.5 million were claiming dole while working, messing up the numbers.

My least favourite? I have two who are equal. Edward Heath and Harold Wilson. Heath put us in the EU (EEC at the time), and Wilson brainwashed the people into accepting it.
Thatcher was such a poor PM even her own party had to boot her out and nowadays try their best to pretend she never existed.

Surely by now it is obvious just how unnecessary the pain she caused was. Blair, following similar economic ideas, has brought the UK into the 21st century without all the kicking and screaming Thatcher's incompetence created.

As to your questioning the numbers, far more than 3 million were thrown on the scrap heap during those dark times - convenient to be able to blame the victims. Or are you saying Thatcher was so incompetent she couldn't catch a few dole bulgers.

I would have though Lloyd George would get a look in as one of the best. At least he broke the power of the Lords and began Britain's slow march to democracy. Almost there!
I will admit that during the last years of her tenure she did make some bad decisions (Poll Tax for example), but during the earlier years she made a lot of changes, for example, raising taxes in the beginning to lower inflation, which benefited the country overall.

And to say they want to forget her is ludicrous, she has had the most affect within the party and in the general populous, with most parties adhering to the ideal of privatisation and a generally free-market approach.

However, Lloyd George was only Chancellor of the Exchequer during the Lords situation, and became PM in 1916.
Worst: Tony Blair
Best: Maggie Thatcher
I think that the worst by a wide margin is Neville Chaimberline. His appeasement of Hitler lead to the war being unecessarily extended years. I view the redressment of the Treaty of Versailles as the single biggest mistake in political history, the allowance of German troops into the Rhineland gave Hitler the impression that he was above european law and fuelled him to further disobey the traty.

As for the best, I would have to say Winston Churchill as he managed to steer the country through a what started out as a hopeless endeavour to ultimately emerge victorious. It is however his useen struggle to accquire allies and keep the spirits of the British people alive which he should be most credited for.
Bru, stuffce
Much as I loathe and despise Tony Blair I can't really accuse him of being the worst, though he really was crap. I think John Major was probably the worst all round, though the effect his mistakes had was just to make hundreds of thousands of people lose their homes. Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler had, probably, a wider impact, but it is difficult to judge one man's actions in such a scenario so it's unfair to judge him based on the outcome.

Best was Gordon Brown, so far. He has made few mistakes as PM. Time will tell, of course.
Bru, stuffce wrote:
Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler had, probably, a wider impact, but it is difficult to judge one man's actions in such a scenario so it's unfair to judge him based on the outcome.

Yeah, I guess there were a lot of confounding factors involved in the start of the war so he is'nt completly to blame. I still stand by my decision though.
Bru, stuffce wrote:
Best was Gordon Brown, so far. He has made few mistakes as PM. Time will tell, of course.

I think Gordon Brown should be discounted from this, simply because he's been the PM a few months, which is nowhere near enough to judge his abilities...

And breebree, although Chamberlain was naive, you have to admit that the extra year afforded to the UK gave them time to prepare for war, an opportunity it didn't have in WW1. However, he proved himself incapable of handling a crisis, and I thank the Lord Churchill came into power as opposed to letting Chamberlain remain.
Margaret Thatcher did some pretty good things - she destroyed the power of the unions and stood firm over the Falklands, she didn't back down and she didn't mince her words, and as such I admire her. However, the best PM in my opinion has to be David Lloyd George. He was the PM that won WW1, and brought in a host of social reform, most noticeably the vote for women. Not bad for a Lib Dem.

Worst in my opinion was John Major. He had no clear structure, was surrounded by scandal and did almost nothing for the country. While we may say similar things about Blair, he did get two landslide victories, plus a third term, so he must have done something right. Major, on the other hand was just an incompetent fool who had no idea what to do when he got into office.
In my opinion, Margaret Thatcher was very wrong to demolish the power of the unions, because in doing so, she takes the power away from the ordinary person, which is the whole ideology of democracy Mad
All of them!
This says 20th centuary but I guess blair started then. He IMO is the worst prime minister to plague this country.

IRAQ: Why did we go, soembody answer? I know - Blair and his 'We're with AMERICA(I love you Bushy Wushy, \England loves you, Im with you all the way, I do whatever you say Bushy Wushy)' approach to being a primeminster. Busgh may aswell have been the prime minister of the UK. We could have pulled out all the troops from Iraq long ago with a different prime minister. Now look how many died. Blair is another Hitler.

Best: Gordan Brown.
Why: He has not been in long and is only just getting he feet in place. He has had to recover all the screw up's of Blair. He has had to fix crime, school, hospital... (he whole UK) and he is getting there. He has pulled out the british troops from Iraq(atlast). I think when Brown has cleaned up all blairs crap, we will see a true leader of Britain immerge ready to make this country a great place and the superpower of the world it should be.
I truly cannot comprehend how people can say it's Brown. He was PM only a few weeks before Parliament recessed. I think people would be wiser to wait until he's done a whole parliamentary session. I suspect Brown's bounce in the polls (Which is falling anyway. Yay Very Happy) will return them to the pre-brown levels once he gets back into the commons. They may have a new leader, but it's still the same old new labour, the original grievances people had with them when Blair left aren't magically going to disappear.
I see Winston Churchill as a sort of hero; in my mind, he saved the world. Through his leadership and motivational speeches, he managed to maintain the British stand against Germany during WWII. Without him, who knows what could have happened? The nazis may have conquered Europe, and then the world...maybe I wouldn't exist right now.
As a left-leaning Scot I am almost contractually obliged to nominate Thatcher as the worst. Indeed, Thatcher coming to power in 1979 was my first political memory (I was still in primary school), and for me and many other Scots the wounds of Thatcherism are still raw. Mass unemployment, willful destruction of working class communities, patent neglect of the democratic wishes of people at home and abroad, hobnobbing with tyrants such as Pinochet, wasting billions of oil revenues on dole and weapons of mass destruction, attack after attack on ordinary workers and their trade unions - where do you want me to stop?

But the worst Prime Minister? Maybe in terms of outcome, yes, but in terms of administrative ability and steadfast commitment to her chosen causes she was respected even by those who hated her. Chamberlain would certainly be a possibility as others have pointed out, but there was many more well-intentioned like him who sued for peace throughout the 1930s. For me the worst has to be Eden, whose serial misjudgements over Suez were so profound they remain breathtaking.

The best? A no-brainer. Attlee, whose achievements are summed up in three letters: NHS. Yes I know it grew out of National Government sponsored report written by a liberal. But Attlee delivered.
Tony Blair is the worst Prime Minister in the history of Britain. He has made Britain and the world a more dangerous place. Britain used to be respected the world over in terms of holding peace and not bullying their way through unlike America. But with Tony Blairs decision to stand shoulder to shoulder with America and along with the most incompetent President G W Bush has made this world more dangerous. He made fools of the British public by selling a hocus pocus story about weapons of mass destruction (WMD). In my opinion he's worst than Colonel Gadaffi. Now Blair has left the world in a paranoid and dangerous mess, yet he rakes in £10 million per year from various deals. I feel let down by more country and now we are classed as the same incompetent bullies as America.
As a right wing English man and a very well off one. I am more drawn to a conservative PM. I would agree that Margaret thatcher was a great PM. But I would say wimston churchill was the greatest PM i would agree that he was some kind of hero.

On the subject of worst PM I would say Gordon Brown. As PM he gave this country the largest amount of debt since ww2, but his time as CE was also a terrible time because of what he did with this coumtrys gold.
Worst is easily Tony Blair for his selective taxing ideas. Maggie Thatcher was best... her dedication during the Falklands War proved it.
The Best British Prime Minister hands down would have to be Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey for his hand in one of the greatest inventions out of Britain - Earl Grey Tea Smile

The Worst British Prime Minister, also hands down, would have to be Gordon Brown. I really didn't know exactly what he was doing as Prime Minister and quite honestly I don't think he did either. And his really awful attempt to look the part didn't help too. Confused
Winston Churchill is by far the most famous British Prime Minister of course. He led the UK surpass the most difficult time in the 20th century.
(I am not British so I should maybe keep my mouth shut but..)

jajathanja wrote:
The Best British Prime Minister hands down would have to be Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey for his hand in one of the greatest inventions out of Britain - Earl Grey Tea

Ahh I agree.. Earl Grey is a fantastic tea brand ..

The worst was Neville Chamberlain I suppose. For his appeasement of Adolf Hitler.

Margaret Iron Crotch Thatcher. She:

1) Abandon the Falkland Islands to the Argies.
2) Cow down to the IRA
3) Allow 200,000+Immigrants into the UK EVERY YEAR (It was between 13-50,000)
4) Institute the Human Rights Act, thus allowing Murderous Scum and Terrorists to live here with no chance of kicking them out.
5) Roll over and allow Europe to dictate to Brits what they could and could not do.
6) Ran up massive debts by spending money the country didn't have and getting our credit rating reduced.
7) She didn't provide any kind of back up plan for the miners that were going to lose a job and the families that were going to split up and people starving. A simple screw you and people went through riots and beatings. She should have handled it differently.
Cool Her biggest failure was not to unite the Country. She was into "Divide and conquer" That's not a CV of any great leader. But then again she was a Reagen protege.
9) Kenneth Clarke in the cabinet,wasn't it him who wielded the knife that stabbed her in the back?
10) Belgrano. She condoned the murder of over 300 innocent people. That's before you count the many suicides she caused.

The only thing she did right was reject and refuse to sign the The Maastricht Treaty (formally, the Treaty on European Union or TEU) was signed on 7 February 1992 by the members of the European Community in Maastricht, Netherlands.[1] On 9–10 December 1991, the same city hosted the European Council which drafted the treaty.[2] Upon its entry into force on 1 November 1993 during the Delors Commission,[3] it created the European Union and led to the creation of the single European currency, the euro.

At least iron crotch saw the writing on THAT wall.
Heath was awful, Major not much better and Brown a bad chancellor and PM. Wilson was crazy, devalue the £ and tell the country it wouldn't affect anything. Plain nuts, but he didn't get us into Vietnam and the sixties are well remembered as pretty good.

Callaghan was OK, if he had been given more time. Thatcher did some good but an awful lot of bad to the mining communities. She also made Murdoch the power he became and many other evil despots such as Mugabe and Pinochet. Macmillan ok and Hume forgotten.

Attlee and Churchill would be best since WW2.

The worst by a country mile is Tony Blair. Blair did more damage to this country and the rest of the world than any British PM. Blair along with the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & co should be up for war crimes.
Winston Churchill is the best and Margaret thatcher the worst ever
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