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Anyone read Empire by Orson Scott Card?

I just read Orson Scott Card's "Empire"

It isn't the worst book he has ever written,


Well, almost.

At first, I kept laughing at his caricatures of the smug right and how they observed the left. I kept thinking, man has he ever got their number. Then I met his characters on the left and realized he meant it. The lefties were Limbaugh straw men, each and every one.

Liberals whine. Liberals don't listen to facts or reason. Universities are giant circle jerks with no educational value, except to turn out more whiny urban liberals.

Oh, and secretly, liberals want to start a civil war and only those underdogs, our flag-loving, god-fearing, right-wing U.S. military can stop them from conspiring with the terrorists to do it.

That's the plot, I kid you not.

Even more unbelievably, Bill O'Reilly makes two appearances as the voice of reason.

It reminds me of Left Behind in a lot of ways. Not content to drain logic and reason from our fiction, good writing and drama must also be sacrificed on the alter of these precious fictions that must be maintained. Entertainment comes only from the death and torture of the unbelievers.

For Example:

"I surrender," the wounded guy said.
"How are we supposed to take you captive?" said Cole.
Cat walked over to the guy.
Terrified, the rebel said, "I'm an American, you can't kill me."
"Tell it to the cops you guys killed in New York," said Cole. "And the apartment building doorman."
"You guys are murderers!" shouted the rebel. "You love to kill!"
Cat reached down and broke the guys right arm.
The guy screamed staring at his arm. When he could speak he groaned, "I'm an American!"
"American with a broke arm," said Cat.

It goes on like this. and on... and on...

In the afterword, Card laments that in our politically charged world, the words of hatred and untruths spread by our "progressive" "elite" media could lead to civil war. Of course his book doesn't contribute to that at all because it is balanced.

Yeah, balanced like the fevered dreams of Ann Coulter.
When Card tries to speak out and give any time of politically charged message, he always sounds like an idiot. He should just stick to his completely made up science fiction, in my opinion.

Really. He's an uber-conservative Mormon. It's to be expected. The way you describe it, I probably wouldn't have been able to make it through the book, lol
At some point, I dug in and finished it just to find the things I mentioned above. There is an entire subculture of Right-Wing civil war fiction out there in teh fringe culture. I was just surprised Card was writing some. Usually you only find these books in survivalist catalogs or teh back of Soldier of Fortune.

Card used to make the rounds of Sci Fi conventions skewering t6he right and hosting a "Secular Humanist" revival. That was funny stuff. Looks like he's gone teh way of Dennis Miller now.
Card is a great author when it comes to his Ender's Game saga but if you need any other series he writes where he tries to incorporate more religion and politics and less science fiction, his quality of work takes a giant nosedive. He obviously has slanted political views, evident in all books he writes, where he eschews to a certain social dynamic where the rights of the individual are trampled over the rights of superiors or government. He's just making the views less muddled now.
By Orson Scott Card, I only had the pleasure to read "Ender's game". In fact, I'm reading it right now and it's a fine book. We'll see... Smile
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