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Free Chess on my site


Just set up a new site, you can paly chess against a friend online. Registration takes a few seconds and you can start playing straight away.

Try it now:

Feedback is appreciated
Hm, I registered. And even that is great. No E-Mail-Verification! So I can just start.
And - chess without having to be online all the time? Saveable sessions? Great! Really, I like it.
It's also nice that "Undo" is just for 30 seconds. It often happens that someone clicks the wrong figure.
I also like the style, it's plain, but not cheap Smile

Well, all in all it seems great. I'll test it with some friends.

Edit: Tested it with a friend. He doesn't like it much cause the site's sooooo slowly.
Other good points are the replays and the log. I play with a friend who plays chess very well and he can say "look at round x, if you had done that...".
And the server works nicely today Smile
Nifty little site there Very Happy I'll definitely come back and play some more Smile
Digital Thoth
It looks pretty cool, I didn't have a chance to play anyone. That's mainly because none of my friends are on it, but over all it looks extremely cool.

Oh, there's a problem with the uploading picture, you can't do it. At least, I couldn't. Said there was an unexpected error, and some syntax error popped up.

Over all, I love chess sites, and think that it's a great idea. Especially since it's free. The immediate registration-to-login process was amazing, really kudos there.

Keep up the great work, Captain.
The registering process was simple. Perhaps the code numbers and letters could be slightly bigger.
I couldn't test the game because nobody was online. Noticed the statistics, the chat and the pgn export. Good work!
The pieces appearance can be worked out. Table and pieces sets? Why not?
It may be interesting to have the chance to watch other games in progress and replay them.
Atlast i got registered but the letters and figures were very small and mixed with shadows so took time and got registered after several attempts. thank God. Will return someday to play .
Thank you, the chess I use to use was on msn, but now thats broken this will do nicely - thanks
There should be some description about what the site is about. There's basically no reason why anyone would join since no one knows that the site is about. The only reason we know is because you said it in this game. That's all it needs though, the design is very nice.
the page doesn't show up.. may be its down.
I tried twice and nobody was online.
It would be better to add an automatic update of moves when watching to a game.
I logged to see how my games were going. My opponent didn't play yet. It should be done something to finish too long games.
normally on chess sites you have straight online live games in which timeouts are however long (or short) as you want and correspondent chess in which timeouts are like 1-10 days per move and 10-60 days per game so games taking too long should be no problem
chess coding is very elaborate, even just to create a working board so I can imagine that on a frih server you wouldnt get very much but I think if you really want a great site, get a for pay server ands make sure they are real fast and put on live games its pretty hard to find a good serving live chess site if you want an example of a really really good site go to they have really fast servers and great programming and design but the people who made it I think are bigshot programmers who really know their stuff but I think what chess people want most (me happening to be one) is speed, design, and the ability to customize their game. You can check out my account im ccube921 =) and the link to your site didn't go
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