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What kind of history do you like the most?

What kind of history do you like the most?
Political History
 33%  [ 8 ]
Military History
 33%  [ 8 ]
Science History
 8%  [ 2 ]
Religion History
 20%  [ 5 ]
Economic History
 4%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 24

Of course, they are all related, but you know what i mean.

I like Political history, maybe doesn't have the emotion as military history, or the tecnisism as the economic history, but for sure is the trigger for the others to occurs. Plus, it explain a lot of things that others can't, like the reason why WWI started.
I am more into military history. My uncle was in the marines during the Gulf War and was stationed in Hawaii (during training), and near Israel. I used to love hearing about his stories and looking at his uniform, sword, and guns. I think that's what really got me into the wars and rebellions.

I started out learning about WWII and the Cold War, but then I went back and was fascinated with the American and French Revolutions. It just amazed me (once I got into it) to learn how the poor and deprived parts of the two most powerful countries (France and Britain) were able to completely overtake their governments and then become successful countries/empires.

Of course, I also like to learn about religious history (not only Christian). It interests me to see the way that all religions (excluding paganism, satanism, atheism, and polytheism) began the same and then slowly divided into the many religions of today.

Well, I think I've gone on long enough.

God bless Wink ,
Religious, Political, and Military History. I can't say just one, because they are all linked with each other at some point.
Political History, since they other ones pretty much stem right from it.
Science and military, which pretty much have a huge hand in hand type relationship since some of the greatest scientific achievements occur during wars, such as fission/fusion.
I've always been into Military history. I find Warfare very interesting, even though wars are horrible and evil, they are also quite intriguing and fascinating ;]
i just like any war where it involves weapons and gives me new information
Science history is the way to go. Wars are pointless I think. Plus by reading a history of science you can see how the human race has evolved. Learn about us. All you learn from war history is this dude here got his brains blown out at this time.
Hmmm....let's see, I don't like those choices. I will go with the Medieval Era(wonder why?). All of history is written by the victors so not exactly 100% accurate. I would pick a tie between Military, Science, and Religion.
Hmm... I don't exactly know much about all these, I love Medieval History of course.

Oh and I've recently been researching Nicholas Flamel because of Michael Scott the writer of the book called: The Alchemist. It's an amazing book which just recently reached the shelfs (2007).

If your family or religion, or just any myths and legends, have anything interesting let me know because I wish myself to write a book on history. I'm only in year 9 but hope to do well in history classes.

Jacki Very Happy
Pre-written history, way before Iron Age. Totally different way of life - makes me rethink the contemporary realities of life. Starting with diet and finishing with leisure, with big Why? in between Wink .
I think I like all types of history equally well. As for what culture people like best seems like a more suitable question to me. Personally, I enjoy reading about chinese and egyptian histories above all else, there's just a much more profound sense of mysticism that seems deeper rooted than simple guesses. However, Greek mythology is extremely rich and diverse in their texts, which also reflects the rich cultural history of the pinnacle of their civilization.
I find the American civil war interesting. I live near some of the battle grounds ( gettsyberg and others in PA ). It's amazing how many people dies in that war, this highest death count of any civil war ever ! Every now and then I get the metal detector out and search for old bullits and cannon balls, but have not sound any, but ny buddy just last week found a musket ball.
Military history.
I like old wars , and i like to watch those movies about romans and other factions .
czc587 wrote:
I find the American civil war interesting. I live near some of the battle grounds ( gettsyberg and others in PA ). It's amazing how many people dies in that war, this highest death count of any civil war ever ! Every now and then I get the metal detector out and search for old bullits and cannon balls, but have not sound any, but ny buddy just last week found a musket ball.
Note: boldface added.

As far as I recall, the death-toll in the American Civil War was around 650.000 (with about 2/3 being non-combatants). Terrible as the war was, it doesn't rank anywhere near the top of the list in civil war casualties. Without looking it up, the Chinese and Russian Civil Wars cost tens of millions of lives and even the Spanish Civil War death-toll, I believe, is somewhere around 750.000 (and let us not forget Vietnam).
The only "statistical claim to fame" that the American civil War might have, is that it was the costliest war (in deaths) for the U.S.. But that is true only if you count combatants AND noncombatants, since more U.S: soldiers lost their lives in World War II than in the Civil War.
I'm a big fan of military history. My ambition younger in my life was to be a mechanical engineer who specialized in developing equipment for the new age of mechanized warfare. I also regularly read Jane's publications so I am still interested in it.

I'm especially a fan of reading up on World War II and the Vietnam War. The Second World War just marked a point in history where the infantryman no longer is the deciding factor with the marked rise in air power and fast moving offenses. The Vietnam War is of particular interest to me because I am Vietnamese and my parents grew up during the war and several of my uncles served in the army. It was also a big turning point as the mere advantages in firepower and technology were defeated so soundly by tactics and guerilla warfare.
Well for me Science and economic history are more important.Science because u come to know what all things have been invented in the past and what needs to be done in future for them.Economic history is also important, Our ancestors decision on various situations are extremely important so that we can have idea of situations tht we may face in future and how to handle them.
religious history is really interesting to me.
because people base their whole lives on their religious beliefs,
and if you delve into the history of religions you can find ludicrous pasts.
but i guess it's all a matter of faith,ne?
Religious, Political, and Military History interest me the most. But I'm surprised that so few have choose economic history. Economics and capitalism has been the number one influencer on human society.
Religious studies is my top area of study. But I enjoy all of the choices very much. Religion is the constant. It all traces back to the Asia, then breaks away from there into different religions, but in the end, it's all the same. The gods must be crazy. Thank God I'm a Taoist...
Out of those I would chose Military history, as it involves most of the others as well
I like none of those. I enjoy cultural history, if there's such a thing.
I agree.

I like the aspect of history that involves different people's points of view--certainly, different cultures will have different angles on specific events.
I like everything to do to history. To me they are all interesting stories about the human race. A book of records. So much of it has stayed the same, but also so much of it has changed. It is always the same and never the same, never fails to intrigue me.

Sometimes feels like the point where fact and fiction come together. The best part of both.
Military history is interesting, but I like to see history as a whole, so with all its aspects, may they be social, political, economical or whatever.
Military history has so much depth, but I find political history to be a lot more interesting. Looking at the ways that the governments of different nations developed, and influenced their respective coutnries, just seems more appealing.
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