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CPanel and FTP access is buggy...

Let me start off by saying thank you very much to the fine people here at frihost, I appreciate the work you guys are putting out for such an accessible way to get your stuff on the web. I've been using this service for several months now, and have found it to be satisfactory, but recently I have been having some trouble maintaining my site. Firstly, access to CPanel has been somewhat sketchy. Sometimes it works, and others I just end up with a blank page in front of me. Also, whenever I try and use CPanel to get to other services (squirrelmail, phpmyadmin) I am directed to localhost, which of course pulls up an error, as the software is not on my computer.
None of this is really an issue of course, but is somewhat annoying to work around. What has been getting me is my inability to connect to my server via FTP. I have triple checked my username and password, and both are valid (according to CPanel). I've been using FireFTP, Dreamweaver and CuteFTP. The issue persists accross each platform. I'm still able to upload files through Cpanel, but this is somewhat tedious, and lately I've noticed that rarely am I able to unpack a tar.gz file successfully. I apologize if I'm complaining over stuff which shouldn't be that big of a deal, but It's made running my various projects somewhat of a pain. Thank you in advance for any light you guys might be able to shed on these issues Very Happy
Since you are on server 2, I assume you're talking about DirectAdmin - not cPanel.

The problem with squirrelmail & phpmyadmin pointing to localhost may be caused if you are using the url for accessing DirectAdmin instead of the default .
It's a known issue with with 3rd party software in DirectAdmin when being accessed this way.
Please use if and only if you're unable to access DirectAdmin through the default url.

For FTP, your DirectAdmin username/password should work - if they do not then maybe you can have your account creator or Bondings take a look at it.
Alright, for starters, you are absolutely correct; I am using DirectAdmin, not Cpanel Confused

On top of that, I've suddenly come to realize that I posted this thread in the wrong forum, and that it belongs under hosting support.

So now that I've made an utter fool out of myself, I suppose I'll continue Very Happy The only url that I am able to use to get to DA is, so I suppose that explains the link issue. However, the FTP problem is still there. I am certain that I have the proper login and all. Also, I am still unable to extract tar.gz files from the file manager. Would this problem be caused by using Thank you for overlooking the shortcomings of my plea for help and trying to work me through this.

Edit: just after posting this, I was suddenly able to get through to direct admin through the standard URLs. Also, after checking again, my FTP access works again. I suppose you guys sorted whatever it was that wouldn't let me connect out, and for that, you have my thanks Wink
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