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Do Wii have a problem?

I am sure that by the title that you probably already guessed that I am a proud owner of a Nintendo Wii. I was just trying to get some advice or info on whether anyone else has had or heard of a problem that seems to exist with remote and sensor syncing on TV's larger then 52". I am presently running on a 36" and have experienced no problems at all except when there is low battery juice in the remotes. I am about to upgrade to a 60" DLP and do not want to invest the money if this is a common or reoccuring issue. I have several friends who have larger TV's(then 52") and they seem to have problems with this issue. The strange thing is that it doesn't seem to happen to all of them, but just enough that it makes one say, "Hmmmmmmmmm...?" There are no common variables in any of these cases. There are no common brands or models of TV's, not everyone has a wirelesss network, even some of the sensor bars in questions have been moved to smaller TV's and work just fine. Does anyone have any experience with this and if so how did you solve the issue? Please only constructive advice no X-Box 360 or PS3 fanboys yelling console propaganda. Just trying to get the best big screen I can for the money I plan on spending.
That is a paraody site my friend, but thanks anyway.
I've hooked up my Wii to a 52" DLP and had absolutely no problems with it at all. If you do have a problem, it's probably from unplugged the Wii and then not correctly syncing the Wiimote. As a bluetooth device, it must be paired with the system it interacts with, not quite like an Infrared remote which will work with all compatible devices. The easiest way to sync your Wiimote and your Wii is by pushing the sync buttons at the same time instead of the A+B button combination. This will keep it permanently synced.

Like I said, I had no problems on a 52".
Thanks kuymann but you have a 52". This issue is with larger then 52" TV's. But you are correct the easiest way to sync a Wiimote with your Wii is by pushing the sync buttons at the same time instead of the A+B button combination. It will keep them permanently synced. I believe that this issue is more of a AOE issue with the whole TV screen size.
syncing your wiimopte with your wii console and its performance havce absolutely nothing to do with the size of your tv. I play it in my room on my 34 cm tv as wel as at my das house on his 60 inch plasma. no difference.
I have no experience with playing a wii on a large physical tv set...though I have played on my friends projection TV (which projects a screen about 11 feet wide and 8 feet tall.) I had absolutely no problems playing on the huge projection screen. And let me tell feel like you're really bowling on that baby!

I think that screen size has little to do with how well the game plays...seeing as how the wii and the sensor bar have no way of knowing the size of the screen. You can of course adjust the sensitivity of the sensor bar depending on how you like it to respond (and that would have some effect on how accurately it appears to work on a larger tv.) But if you leave the sensor on the same setting, and play on a 10 inch tv and then move to a 60 inch tv, there will be absolutely no difference in how the wii perceives your motions...the only difference will be in your head because of the difference in tv sizes YOU perceive.

So basically, TV size has nothing to do with how the sensor senses your motions or your only will change your own perception of how accurately the remote is sensing your pointing and moving in relation to a larger screen size.

Make sense?
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