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Price drop Intel CPU coming soon?

Does anyone know when the price drop will happen. I talk to a few Intel employees and they said if might be at the end of the month. Like the QX6700 (Quad Core) droping from $999 to $500 and so on. I already have got my new system for Dec so it is not to helpful to me, but some of you guys might want to prepare for it. Please post any info you might have, thanks...

By the way I won the QX6700 from my Last LAN, so I really am your daddy!
No one knows for sure, but my guess would be when AMD releases their line of Quad cores then Intel will probably drop prices. Especially if the hype that AMD is spreading is true about how much AMD quads outperform the Intel quads.
well I recently won a Qx6700 (Quad Core) and cence I have to pay for college I'm trying to sell it before the price drops lol:

Bid to help a guy out huh
Wow, you WON a QX6700!?

What LAN were you at?

I've never won anything at a LAN... Sad
LAN Report (ForceRun's Lanning Blog)
Intel LanFest: Sacramento June 2nd & 3rd, 2007

Well is it all started for me when Javier contacted us (SilentDeath and I) as put of SacramentoLanSlide and the FlatOut Lan, and told us that Intel wanted to host a Lan in Sac Town. After coming to, from the shock and joy of the news, we agreed to help out. After all that was our goal to have a good size sac Lan.

It took like 5 phone meetings and a bit of time on our forums for us and a ton of time spent by Javier and Gary (the Intel guys) plus a bunch of others to finally setup and run the Lan. All in all it was a super sweet time and very rewarding experience. We took a bit of time just nailing down a date for the Lan, and finally just decided to try our luck and get the Lan going not more than a month away from the vote on the date.

I really liked the Idea of setting up a detailed game schedule for the Lan, and did that part. Basically the Idea was to have most of the Lan controlled free play. Where most of the gamers would all play the same game. And it worked on Saturday great, even though the schedule got pushed around a bit. I have to say that almost everyone was in the same game playing on the same servers.

Well we got there (at Intel in Folsom) Friday night and helped finish setting up the Lan. We took a little longer due to a pizza run, and our general slowness in figuring out the Lan. So we finally left for a little sleep at a friend’s at 1AMish. We had fun setting up the War Machines for demo during the Lan that night. And we also played around with the sound system a bit.

Anyways after a McDs quick breakfast, and a crazy drive back south to the Lan, we got there and finished setting up the Lan right as the first gamers started to walk in. Ron (Modesto) setup the main game servers, and ran the registration, after a few hour to get people in and setup, we start by playing Counter Strike Source, and a little Gun game. I will have to say with the playing I did get in I sucked up at gun game but it was still fun.

Next we played a little BF2 to warm for the upcoming team battle. War Machine took this time to start a 1 vs. 1 CSS Tourney for some sweet Ram as the prize hosted by their demo rigs. Silent got close to winning, but the Clockwork guys beat him, and went on to win the tourney I believe. please correct me if I'm wrong as I didn't really pay close attention to the CSS 1v1 because I was preparing for the BF2 Match.

At 4:30PM we started the BF2 Massive team battle (The realization of World War III), I got everyone lined up,

and cut the room into 2 teams. I was one commander and SilentDeath was the other for the battle. We had a short team meeting; my overall strategy was to make sure everyone play as a team and had a spot for them. I was lacking in players that had BF2 experience, but we tried our best to work around that. I had my main squad be engineers on have control of the tank and APC, with two squads of mixed heavy hitters to push the line or hold it. Then I have a four squad as forward recon and base SF raid, and I stayed back to guard to our base, and had a few guys that I could call on to help me if needed. SilentDeath on the other hand made the plan simpler he just had 3 squads or so one for the center, one for the right flank, and lastly one for the left flank. I would seem with the little game experience both teams had that is was the better plan. We play ‘Strike at Karkand’ 16 player size (with about 40 Player) and we were able to hold off SilentDeaths attack for a round, but we never made much head way when attacking. His simple plan of right and left cleaned our team out.


We gave out prizes to the two best players on each of our teams based off of team score and over and score. So for the better players they got rewarded. I think it would be better to have a little more time to set the battle and teams up, and we will try that for the next Lan. And hopefully we can get more experienced players to really kick the strategy up.

Next we played ‘Dragon Valley’ 64 player size. With the momentum built up from the first few rounds Silent beat us again. But we were waiting on the Pizza so we kept playing and losing.

After the Pizza finally did come we ate and then started the tourneys. We tried to run CSS and Sup Com at the same time but had too many players in both so the Sup Com waited until the morning. We got the old Bob team back together, under the flag of ‘No Gut No Glory’. Our team was I ForceRun, SilentDeath, Affey, and TurboPenguin, with a Pug player Zonk. The taker of the Tourney was Clockwork, they aren’t the best, but they sure beat the crap out of every one at the Lan. We first played first ‘Dead On Arrival’ composed of mostly gamers that were playing on borrowed systems. (Who comes to a Lan without a computer…?) We play Dust and although it was very close (by one round or so we lost).

They play Clockwork and were soundly beat. It was a double elem tourney so we were still going. We played and eliminated –TPO- (nOObs) on Train, now that was fun and we soundly beat them. We all think it was due to our name change to [Bob] Bob # so no one knew who we were. Next we battled to the death ‘Dead On Arrival’ again but on prodigy with our Bob names. Although they almost won one half we came back and smashed them. Next we faced GVCC Alpha (Slightly better team) on Port. I don’t think they were read for the map, and we pretty much smashed with our better strategy and team play. It was a very fun round, who doesn’t like to win. Well we fought Clockwork and quickly lost, they did good and flashed us to death. But for guys that never play CSS we got 2nd so I was happy and also happy to know that the team that beat us was somewhat respectable.

So when the tourney was finally over, it was getting late, we had a quick raffle, gave away a QX6700 Quad Core, and some other stuff. The tourney winners got their pick of prizes, and we moved into the night gaming schedule.

SilentDeath led us into Track Mania Nations, and easily out raced us all but a good amount, a prize was offered to anyone who could beat him, but no one came close. I went and got some sleep after that so I would be good to go for Sunday and the drive home.

They played DoTa and some other games during the night, but there were less than 15 people that stayed up the whole night. We restarted the Lan with a bunch of FlatOut 2, which is a super sweet rally car racing and demolition game. As people showed back up, Silent and I finished our Sup Com 2 vs. 2 and easily won with our surprise strategy, I would tell you guys but we want to try it at the ShowDown Lan. So I will let you know how it works out. We played a bit of Company of Heroes 4 vs.4 and smashed the Nazi with Team Bob power.

Our last contest/tourney was run by Target (Gary), and it was a 4 Man Blindfolded UT2004 Death Match game. It was just crazy, here was the setup, you have one guy one the keyboard, one on the mouse, they both can’t look at the screen, and they have two more guys directing them. And the added twist is all of your team had to people you didn’t know before the Lan. So we were sitting there, yelling like crazy trying to shoot the other player before they could find their mark and shoot us. It was very different from any UT2004 game I have ever played but very fun and crazy. TurboPenguin and his LanAddict Team won the day and were rewarded with prizes.

We played a few more play games, like a 4 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 Sup Com Match to finish the Lan. Great fun was had by all, and a lot of guys met new gamers and mixed it up a little. We had the closing raffle to clean up the rest of the prizes. Most people won something and it seems everyone enjoyed it. We played and little more, and finally cleaned up the Lan and headed home to get some sleep. I had a great time, met some cool gamers, and owned some newbs, what is better in life? I really like how we had most people all playing together and having fun. We had over 65 Gamers for all walks of life, and two groups of news guys, and also Red Bull came and gave us some Bull. Thanks goes to Javier, Gary and all the Intel guys, the Sponsors ‘War Machine, Intel, Foxcon, Thematake, and CoolIt’ it was a very sweet Lan and we got some money for charity as a result.

Next one is going to be in Dec so get ready…
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