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The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne

Hey guys, what you think about this new album of Avril Lavigne??
Personally, I prefer her old style of music. Now she's become this...I don't know how to describe her. Punk rock girl. I don't like her new song "Girlfriend" it gets pretty annoying. I prefer her old songs to her new stuff. Now, I'm not a big fan, but, still, I just don't like how she's changed herself and her music so much.
I don't like her in general, too pop-rock for my liking. The sort of song they over play on the radio because it sells, why does mainstream music have to be so bad these days!
I don't really like the album. She doesn't seem to have any musical integrity.
I don't even listen to avril lavigne and I'm sick of her song 'Girlfriend'. It was annoying and far too popular so that a people would be singing it constantly. Fortuneatly for me this song has lost its popularity a little so I don't have to hear it as much.
I loved her first album, liked her second album and now I'm pretty disappointed with this album, its like WHY?? Why is it so horrible, she needs to go back to her first style of music.
SpellcasterDX wrote:
Punk rock girl.

lol that was the style that made her famous?

She's too poppy for me. Her songs are catchy enough, she's just not too rocky. Hot as hell though.
the new song is kinda infectiously catchy, and I like the video for it...

especially when the chorus is in different languages, as she recorded it in several... score.
My favorite song is "When you've gone", very good. i like this song at the first time. Razz
I've got her cd: the best damn thing.

I should say girlfriend is the most bad song on the cd.

Keep holding on is just, let's say,...



the whole cd is good.
I can't stand that album
i'm too old for her music but she sure is a sight for sore eyes Very Happy
Agree with everyone else, I much prefer her previous attempts. Her first single girlfriend was soo far from what I expect from her. Borrowed the album from a friend and gave her back by weekend lol.
Wow not alot of people like Avril Shocked ! Well... I think she is sort of good Wink I mean her song "Hot" is awsome! She is a pretty nice singer and if you wanted to listen to some happy music(that gets stuck in your head Rolling Eyes ) she's your gal!
"Damn" indeed, "best" perhaps... lol
I love her voice. She has kick arse music.
It's nice to know she came out with a new album, but to me I think her music is changing rapidly. I will admit though I did like her "Girlfriend" song, haha. Smile
avril the best song !!!

my faavorite music is complictaed
Avril is great and so is the best damn thing! I admit, Girlfriend wasn't the best song ever, but When You're Gone and Keep Holding On, they are such beautiful songs that they make up for Girlfirend completely, and more!

I do have to say though, it is nothing compared to her first album, Let Go. That was AMAZING!!!!
She's hot, but the music gets annoying and old stupidly quickly.

shame really.
She sings well,Good rocking music as well with that album.But most of my friends found it irritating.
She should improve on the music voice rythm.
Yes, she just came to shanghai, I went to see her live, it's great!
Avril Lavigne's "The Best Damn Thing" proves to contain one of the best-liked pop songs from her. Although some critics might say they liked her previous sound, this album has been more of a chart topper than earlier releases. Personally, I like the album alot. One of my favorites for 2007.

You just gotta have to open your mind about musical evolution. If she didn't do otherwise, you could have said it sounded too alike with Under My Skin and Let Go, and that she doesn't really have anything new to offer.
Woah, I thought that Girlfriend was quite an original pop song - to be pop! I was thinking: woah, I want to be able to write a melody like that, with instruments used in that way, the beginning of the song really struck me as "this is something different here". I can appreciate all kinds of musical genres, not alternative-only, can't stand people who claim they only listen to "alternative" music because of it being alternative. That's nearly as bad as people who only listen to the Top 50 Smile my modest opinion.

Since most of us here seem to hate her, I decide I don't :p although I must admit I liked her clothing style more a couple of years ago, now she's turning to nEmo (new emo, as I like to call it). Well, whatever, I do think it's a nice album.
I loved Smile
Avril 4ever
She's okay looking. That's pretty much all she has going as far as music goes.

Is it just me or does she still think she's a teenager? Hey (hey), you (you), I don't like your boyfriend? Are you kidding me with that one?

Rolling Eyes
Well, I think it's not only teenagers who can say things like that. Avril's currently 23 years old, and that's still young enough. Her singing those lines is acceptable to me. Smile
This album is great. I just loves her songs=)
she sold out big time!
thats why I hate her now. She was so unique and shes the one who started of the whole 'tweenies' with Ashlee Simpson, The Veronicas, etc. Now shes just conformed to another popstar.

And shes a real crap dancer Razz
'eh. I've never really liked her that much. I've liked a few of her songs. So between albums, I guess I like her just the same.
I'm amazed that a lot does not like Avril.
I don't like all her songs but she surprises me with the kind of music she makes.
What i like about her is that she is the one who composes her music unlike most artist nowadays who just sings songs composed for them. Then there's those artist who can't produce a music so they just remakes old songs, sings it differently and calls it their interpretation Rolling Eyes
Haha, only mainstream artists and bands mady by 13-year-olds do that (often it's a combination). And she pretty much does it. Doesn't have any style of her own. Just copies pop and rock (which has to be the worst genres ever except for rap).

She's pretty much like every other pop/rock band (both mainstream and indie, it all sounds the same). Nothing special about her.

If you think it's so amazing that she writes her music by herself then you don't know real music.
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