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Fallout 3

Trailer is out! Hawtness.

Albeit in a proprietary format no one wants to have to use. Sad
Might as well have been the trailer for fallout 2, were it not for the big '3' at the end... ah well, that's what teasers are for. We still know nothing, except that it's coming. And that it's gonna take a while.
Well, the teaser looks very nice, and it certainly gives off the Fallout vibe, but I'm still waiting to see just how the game is going to play. I mean, I'm certain that it's not going to be a top-down isometric game again, but it'll be interesting to see if they keep the turn-based strategy mechanic around, or whether it'll end up being "Oblivion with guns" like so many people are afraid it will be.

Frankly though, I'm more worried about whether it will actually run on my computer when it finally comes out.
^ The 'hope it will run on my computer' part made me realise that it probably wont Sad and that will be a shame because I seem to consider myself a fallout fan.
About the trailer, yeah, it doesnt show almost anything, nothing about the game or story line, but atleast we see that we're closer than farther away.
And Im happy that the people responsible for it have managed to catch that special feeling... I mean the beinging of the trailer, the music... It almost brought a tear to my eye. Anyways, its too early to say anything, and according to the trailer we have time untill Fall 2008, so theyll release more trailers and stuff along the way.
Ah, gotta work and save up for a new rig anyways...
I keep trying to tell myself I will *not* buy a new computer just to play Fallout, but that part of my brain gets drowned out by the Fanboy. GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!
My main concern right now is that they might make it Vista only.

I really don't want to have to install that spyware farm to play the game.
I really need to play the original Fallout. This game has been getting a lot of publicity, and from what I remember when I played the original, it wasn't all that great?

Yeah, years have passed, i've matured, maybe I'll be more willing to enjoy it.
BITE YOUR TONGUE, ROGUE! Heh, seriously, Fallout was at least as good as Wasteland, which was itself one of the best games of all time. I loved Fallout 2 as well, but I would take seriously an argument that it wasn't as good -- I'm not sure I'd agree, but I'd take it seriously. Tactics was a travesty best forgotten, as was the Baldur's Gate knockoff they made for Xbox.

As for Vista -- at the risk of taking the thread OT, what do you mean by "spyware farm"? I've heard a lot of complaints about Vista, but that seems like a new one. Do you mean that Vista "is" spyware? I'm not aware of it reporting any more info to MS than XP does. Do you mean that Vista will get a lot of spyware? UAC may be a pain in the ass, but Software Integrity Levels should make it harder for crapware to install itself without user intervention, even if you turn UAC off.

I don't use Vista -- breaks too many drivers, and the ones that work aren't stable/mature enough -- but I don't understand your comment either.
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