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Unable to post after I ask my ISP to actiavte Filtering

I have asked my ISP to activate filtering service on my ADSL connection, due to undeseriable sites visited by my child, and after that I was unable to submit my responses to forum threads.

Anyone out there experience this?

My ISP is in Singapore - Singnet.

Suggestion and help needed before I approach my ISP.
don't know how handy you are with PC configs, but I checked Singtel's info on this service and it works through a proxy server on their backbone.

as it says on their FAQ, you should setup a Parents Account with NO restrictions (that's the one YOU'll use) and afterwards create a children's account for your kid.

you should have a closer look at -->This FAQ<---

As for how you login as a parent, it didn't say anything, but I assume it asks for a login when you enter the internet (which would be Parent or children's account)

the harder way to have this solved would be to have different user accounts on the machine (your kid can't be an administrator and can't have access to proxy settings in Internet explorer. this can be set in computer policies).

You would then config your kid's user account to use the proxy they referred to and leave your account without the proxy settings (again, this needs to be set in computer policies).

If you are not comfortable with tampering with computer policies (or Group policies) you should talk to them to config the system with you.

Be Well Cool
Thank you Bockman for checking up Singnet FAQ, I did go thru the FAQ, but it is unclear as to how to use the ADSL line as a parent.

I have tried removing the Proxy settings, but the connection will not go through on my browser. I guess the proxy must be on for both parent and child.

I will try their hot line to seek clarification, but really some of the people there do not really give the answers I needed.

Thank you, will feedback, and hopefully this reply goes thru, as I am logging in the Filter service as a child account.

With best regards.
Hi, Bookman, I just managed to post a reply here using a child account I setup for myself.

I guess I will just behave as a child, till I get an answer from Singtel.

Thank you and myself for behaving as a child (child account I mean).
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