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How to bring my site on the top for a specific keyword???

How is it possible to bring a site on the top when u r searching by a specific keyword??

e.g. for my site

I want to bring the site on the top when i search for the keyword "exquisite" or "gallery".
Ranking your site on keyword "gallery" is quit impossible Smile

Do a keyword research & find min 10 words that are related to your site or topic of your site. Than do a competitor analyze in google. See tha backlinks of those top 5 websites that are displayed on your decided keywords for your website. Then try to submit your site to those locations.

One more thing keep your site updated

Wish You Good Luck!

Both are very competitive terms.

I would suggest you to go through for a better understanding of what really SEO is.
if your PR is high it is possible with good keyword and description.
It's probably better to optimize for two word keywords like "Art Gallery" or "photo gallery".
Then, follow these steps:
1, Put the keyword in your page title;
2, Put the keyword in the keywords Meta tag;
3, Have the keyword in a H1, H2 and H3 title in another expression, for example, "The best Art Gallery";
4, Have the keyword a number of times in the text, especially in the first sentence;
5, Have the keyword in a link to another page in your site which links back to your front page;
6, Have an RSS feed on your page for that particular keyword so that your page will be up-dated daily;
7, Get links, from other sites, to your site, with the keyword in the link text.

Luke Jones
Yeah, forget about trying to rank for a single keyword. Besides it doesn't make much sense because it won't bring in targeted traffic. 'Gallery' could mean anything from a shooting gallery to 'Gallery hotel' to photo gallery to whatever. You'll want to get much more specific. As mentioned before, you'll need to make a list of 2 or 3 word keyphrases and then do some in depth market research. Find out how stiff the competition is, which keywords (keyphrases) bring in the most traffic, how much traffic each keyword brings in, et cetera.
Have you used any of this information, sambhav?
Thanks for the information. I will update that site later but all this was very much useful and I am making my new website considering all this.
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