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my internet getting worst

Ok. My computer gets internet from our wireless router from the room across the hall. When we first got this wireless router (not sure if the problem is coming from the wireless router really) I was recieving Good-Execellent connections. "Year later" Average-Good. "Later On" Low-Average. "Now" Very Low-Low. I usally use the internet to play online gaming and my connection isn't good enough for it anymore. I can barley surf the net now. Any ideas on getting my connection Up?
Try reseting the router and reconfigure the settings again. There is usually a button on the router to do that. Also the problem might not be the router itself but maybe the physical surrounding you're in. The transmission might be blocked by something.
There is a possibility that your router has become unstable and you may have to fund for a new one. I hope that this isn't the case as money is money you shouldn't pay for something that's going to break down within a year. Good luck with all that though try what RiCtee suggested.
Look what's between your pc and the router: steel might block the signal. For example concrete with steel in it, or some metal bookstoragerack. Is there a concrete wall between you and the router and wasn't it there before?

Also resetting the router might sometimes work.
Its an odd suggestion, but you want to unplug your router (and modem) from the wall overnight as they may be overheating; as johanfh pointed out something may be obstructing the connection - if possible temporarily move the computer right next to the router and see if that affects it.
You might want to send your router back to the manufacturer for inspection. Check for firmware upgrades if any. Also, the reset button might help. Changing the channel of the wireless band might prevent interference too.
Since it has been working, and nothing in the surrounding has changed, then there is something wrong with either the router, or your wireless adapter. First of all check out if the problem is the wireless adapter, by using an other one(from a friend maybe?). or try an other router. Check which of the wo machines has the problem first, and then proceed.

Also, have any other networks been set up around? A friend of mine got 30% loer signal, because someone at the apartment opposite his, placed a big outdoor antenna....
Can you answer these questions?

Have you restarted your router? Does it get better after a restart?

Have you always had the router in the same place in your home?

Are you using the computer from the same place within your home?

Do you live in an apartment building?

Do you have some form of security on your router limiting who has access to it?

What is the model of your router?
unplug the router and wireless card and let them cool down ofr at least 48 hours. The reinstall them and make sure the little antenna is facing the right way. this may sound stupid, but it actually works most of the time. also check your network card for dust.
has the environment and structure in your residence changed much since the low signal experience? signal strength can be affected due to reflection on wall especially mirrors & reflective surfaces.. causing the signal to deteriorate. What you can do is to try relocating your wireless router in your residence until you get a better reception. A place that does not hav many walls is a good place to start. Alternatively, you can replace your router with a new one (maybe wait for the draft N technology to finalise and get it since the distnace and speed is much better than the currnet b/g standard). You can also opt for an access point to enhance the signal of your current router.

Are there many wireless networks detected around your premise? If so, what channel are they using? If all of them are using the same channel the you will be getting a lot of interefence. So I suggest you change your channel.
You could also have some spyware or viruses that are slowing down the connection. Sometimes all you need is to reformat the drives to insure a new start. This along with restarting the modem and router should improve the connection speed.
I don't mean to top post, but I did read through the responses quickly enough to gather that although it's been stated that the router or netcard need to be replaced but I know why.

The radio transmission is becoming dull. There is a transmitter/receiver in the router and trans/recieve in the computer. All radios for these will fail after some time, and it sounds to me like you got ahold of a transmitter that is going out quicker than it should.

I climb radio towers and hang radios professionally and I know that eventually I will have to go back up the tower to replace every radio on my network. This is just every day life in the radio business for me, but no one has really outlined that this is most likely what is effecting you too.

Replace the router with a wireless "N" router and extend the rang of your home network while maintaining backwards compatibility. Replace the card in your computer if you still aren't getting the signal that you need to keep the computer connected well.

Hope this helps,
-- Radio Guy in Tennessee
Everyone would agree that the fastest connections are wired. All my laptops are wired, even though I have a wireless network. I only use this when I need it. For gaming, however, I stay at my desk. I just drilled a small hole and pulled an ethernet cable through.
This problem no longer exists. I bought a new modem. Thanks for support though.
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