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Second Life (don't i deserve a sticky? :) )

Does anyone play this game on here? I do and I am addicted to it. I love how it' completely user created and you can do alsmot WHATEVER you want. My favorite part of it is the warfare. Virual War is awesome cuz it's like real ar just with the blood. Does anyone play this game besides me?

-Polly Gone Smile
Can you tell me a it about this game, i have heard rumours that it is a very good game and myself am interested in getting it!
Is it free?
What features does it have?
What is the meaning of the game?
If it costs how much does it cost?
What is the genre?
What other game is it similar to?

Can you just tell me the general details of it so i can make my decision of getting it or not

Thanks alot Smile
Second Life is a game that is created and maintained by the players—from the towns and buildings people live and shop in, to the games that can be played, to how your character looks and acts, to almost every other aspect. Since it's an online game, there's plenty of interactions with other people—from starting and joining groups to getting married. With the possibility of earning real money, will Second Life be the life you're looking for?

A big deal is made about being able to create your own character model, clothes, animations and items, and purchase land (which requires the Premium account) and modify it to your heart's content by changing the landscape and adding buildings. However, if you want to do any of this yourself, it requires you have both the talent and programs already at hand. Fortunately, Second Life has an excellent built-in 3d modeling editor which enables you to create items in the game either by yourself or with others, and it allows you to have detailed control over how your character looks.
Is it free? Yes. Download it at
What features does it have? Anything you want!
What is the meaning of the game? To have fun an possibly make money
If it costs how much does it cost? 10 bucks a month for an optional premium account which allows u to buy land
What is the genre? Open-world mmorpg
What other game is it similar to? NOTHING!
No, I have never played, I only heard about that game.
Yeah... I heard that it is similar to real world(only difference... it is virtual). I heard that some companies bought some areas and buildings and they are available on this game now(pretty smart idea:-) and I heard that you can exchange virtual money to real $$$ Very Happy
I've never played it, but it seems interesting (especially because of the fact that some people make a living from it).
Yes, you can make real money. I think the exchange is 180 in-game equals $1 USD. I make real money off of it. It's easy, just find a good trade for you!
Second Life is not a game. It's a virtual world. It could only be considered a game if you considered real life a game. (which many do)

I'm not too fond of the capitalism tilt, but I love the creative aspect to SL. It's easy to just start dropping some prims and create something. Then you can code some action and turn your blocky piece of art into a vehicle or a robot. If it wasn't so capitalistic, it'd be quite a beautiful and interesting world, instead of now where it's 90% strip mall. I have hope for the future though. This is the start of something grand and the real money pouring into it is probably what is keeping it going so strong.
Looks preety good, havent had much time over last few days to look at it, but i'm downloading it now.
Come one people! I created this thread for dicussion! Now let's discuss.

And by the way, when creating an account, in the "Who refered you?" box, put Nicholas Kit. And if you are playing Teen Second Life, add Nicholas Kit to your friends list. Thanks.

-Nick Smile
a.k.a. Nick Anderegg
a.k.a. Nicholas Kit

-EDIT: I put my signature at the end of my message to say Echo. Wrong website. Smile
I LOVE the fact that it is user created... but I couldn't get into it. I had issues with the graphics being ugly as sin and the fact that if you were trying to read a sign, someone would just come up and push you out of the way. Sad If they could improve on those things, I would probably try it again. I only played for a couple hours because I just really got sick of that.

I am saddened that it's become a capitalistic haven for real life companies too. And there are actually politicians advertising themselves in the game. *sigh*
I thought the idea behind this is pretty cool, I almost went and download it to try, but then I saw all the good stuff it has, needs a paying account, so i was like forget it.
The only good thing that you need a paying account for is ownign land. And even then you still don't need a paying account. I have always had a free acount and i am a builder in game. I now have a few thousand in game credits and i have my own land because i pay someone to own it for me and i use the land. It's way cheaper than a paying account. People should still join even if they don't want to pay because once you get the hang of it, you can make lots of money.

And how real life people ar emaking a living off of it, that is a very small percentage of the game. I play it to mostly be in an army that i lead. We can make all our own custom weapons unlike an action-game. And the ingame profit making also takes up a very small part of the game because the ingame world is so huge.

And it's alos good for hanging out with long distance friends. I am a 9th grader and i recently moved and really can't hang out with my old friends anymore. Instead of just IMing them on the computer, we go onto Second Life and party at a virtual club. Alot more fun than plain old text.

-Nick Smile
Really now? hmmm I might have to give this a look then, It does seem kinda cool, ill download it later tonight. help me out in game k? XD!
So that's what secondlife is.

I'd heard about the game through (a free create-your-own chat robot site that'll add the robot to your second life for a "one off fee").
I always read stories about this on the various blogs on the web, but I never thought much of it.

I'm still not gonna play, I can't afford to get addicted to anything right now =P
Any information on Second Life is available at

Also if you are 13 - 17 years old, go to to sign up for the teen grid because you can't sign up for the main grid.

If you play Teen Second Life, add me to your friends list. My username is Nicholas Kit.

a.k.a Nicholas Kit
polly-gone wrote:
Any information on Second Life is available at

Also if you are 13 - 17 years old, go to to sign up for the teen grid because you can't sign up for the main grid.

If you play Teen Second Life, add me to your friends list. My username is Nicholas Kit.

a.k.a Nicholas Kit

crap are you serious? thats really lame. Im 18.. and my other friends are all 17 ... >> thats really stupid? they didnt really think of it all.
18 year olds can stay on the teen grid for 6 months after they turn 18. After that they are forced to move. But soon they are putting a thing in where teens can visit the Main Grid. Just all the strip clubs and pornography shops will be made invisible to the teens.
I've got to get into this game, everyone is talking about it.
Second life is an awsome game cause i tried the trial but im not 18 so i cant go onto the main grid. I think this is stupid planning cause so what if im not 18 i would still like to have a virtual business and make real money.

crap are you serious? thats really lame. Im 18.. and my other friends are all 17 ... >> thats really stupid? they didnt really think of it all.

I agree completely with what you say because who wants to play with just people that you don't know. I understand that they want it to be appropriate for younger players but they basically ruin it for a whole bunch of people who are almost old enough.

Does anyone else feel this strongly about this because now i wont play this till im 18.

just my opinion what do other people think???

Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
You can still run a virtual business and do all the tuff you do on the main grid on the Teen Grid. Trust me, I know, im 14. And anyways, they are putting in a system that will allow teens to go onto the main grid but get locked out of the "mature areas". You know, "mature" as in, 18 years old only. You, know what im talkign about don't you? But on the teen drid, you CAN still run a virtual business (i do) and you CAN still make real money (oh yeah, I DO!) and do everything else 'cept visit "mature" areas. I run a business as a builder and a scripter, and ecen if your not 18 yet but your friends are, just wait a bit cuz it's still fun anyways. And people, please, please, please, If you are gonna post, READ THE OTHER POSTS! Someone posted something, i told them about it, then somebody else posted the same thing!

-Nick Smile
a.k.a Nicholas kit (in Teen Second Life {add me to ur buddy list})
yah but polly

lets say you make a business on there and make perhaps lets say 1000$ on the game. I didnt people on the teen grid were allowed to transfer that into real money.that is why i never registered but if i was wrong than i might go and register an account. Please tell me weather im right or wrong because if im wrong id like to start a business soon.

You can transfer it to real money. On any grid. You can either transfer it to a Second Life ran cash account and use it to get a premium account to buy land or you can transfer it to PayPal or get a check written. I think the transfer is something like 180L (in game money) to 1USD. And in-game money come easy. You can get money for sitting in a chair for 10 minutes. I am a builder, and i usuailly get 500L-2000L per job. Money comes easy. You should really join! And just on a side note, on the signup screen where is syas enter a credit card number as proof that you are a real person, there should be a dropdown menu that lets you add a mobile phone number so they can send you a text messege with an activation code in it. And if anyone joins on the TeenGrid, add Nicholas Kit to your frineds list. I know very powerful people!

-Nick Smile
a.k.a Nicholas Kit (add me dude)
I don't know why this game is so hot online.
I don't feel like it, frankly.
Three obvious questions:
1) Can you hunt people down and kill them?
2) Are there guns?
3) Bombs?

*There are killing zones.

*You can make your own custom guns. Anything from a cylinder that shoots bullets to a super complex 3d modeled gun

*Yes there are bombs. My army, Cyber Core, is currently using an old nuclear missile script to make a new awesome direction controlled nuke.

I run an army in game and i do alot of killing!

If you are 13-18 and decide to play Second Life, add Nicholas Kit to your friends list, and look up cyber core!

-Nick Smile
a.k.a. Nicholas Kit in Teen Second Life, leader of Cyber Core and Allied Nations.
Sadly i cant play second life, the packet files are to big for sattelite interent to handle, and when the client picks up packers that are not correct, it starts to wig out until the point it crashes.

However, for the ammount of time i can play before it crashes I have learned some scripting for SL, its rather easy to learn and fun to make things!
How i play that and whats it about?
Did you bother to even read any of the posts, what its about has pretty much already been said, if you want more, check out
everything except the land is created by the inhabitants of this vr metaverse world called secondlife,
im an sl addict too i admit .. Embarassed
but like sum people saying above u can make money from it atm im making better money with it then i ever did with any website that googletized with ads i even pay my preminum status and allotta lands i rent ingame from my earnings and yes the exchange rate around 200 lindens playmoney to one usd but u need to save 150 usd to cash it out lil higher then the 100 for google ads but still this is worth checking out i myself build and script in the game this gets me a min of 3000 playmoney an hour ! Wink Arrow
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