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Cool something to do

Here's a cool idea you can use: if you want to do something special that isn't too hard, I suggest going down to Office Depot and picking up a memory stick (get whatever size you want; it doesn't have to be too big). Then, you get home, go to your computer and load it up with all sorts of cool stuff you think your boyfriend/girlfriend will like. When I do this, I put on pictures of me, I made a video or two (stop motion, for those out there with dirty minds), and a couple of things I think will get a laugh.

Then, you stick that sucker in the US Mail. Yeah, it might be easier to email this stuff, but putting it on a thumb drive requires a bit more effort (so it's appreciated more), you can put more stuff, and you get that wonderful anticipation as the postal service does its stuff. Good luck!
No offense, but what does this have to do with relationships....this seems like it would be more fitted to go under a different category such as computers or hobbies.

~love: nIkKi
No offense either, but this guy means giving a special gift to a boyfriend or girlfriend.
He wrote: "cool stuff you think your boyfriend/girlfriend will like", so I guess it has to do with relationships doesn't it? Confused

Nice suggestion PatTheGreat42! Cool
Pretty simple idea but I think I would really like getting sucha gift from my girlfriend.
Interesting idea, but I think it'd be nicer to make a scrapbook as a collection of nice things! But I guess there are always other creative ideas to mingle with that idea of putting together a collection of things she/he likes such as cd with favorite music and such.
it's a good suggestion.. kinda the new "advanced love letter" remember when u where like 12 years old.. sent a letter and alot of cute stuff together with it.. however.. this is much easier and prob more apreciated too Smile
I think it's a great idea, if your boyfriend/girlfriend is into computers. For example, my hubby can't even turn the computer on or off. And no, I'm not joking. He's just not into this kind of stuff.

But great idea. Thanks for the suggestion.
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