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Thinner Calves

Ok, so in my quest to loose inches, I have succeeded in all but one point, my calves. They are getting HUGE. I am usually not prone to moments of weakness but after a workout one day (treadmill is all i do and stretching, along with crunches) I noticed the size of my calves in the mirror and burst into tears. No joke. I called a friend who was an ex-model and sobbed for a very long time.

I know that genetics play a big part (my sister has thin calves; WTeFF?) but is there anything I can do? Someone recommended long distance running since those athletes have really thin calves. But I am hesitant about running. I used to run track 5 years ago and the muscles I got from that time are STILL THERE. I don't know anymore. I am at my wit's end. Matter of fact, I feel another crying fit coming on.....

Hmm, well I would have to agree, running does work out the calves quite a bit...but have you ever considered that maybe you don't have "fat" calves, you just might have a larger bone structure in your legs, therefore, you may just have larger calves. It's not a bad thing whatsoever, you just need to except your body for what it is. But, if I am wrong there are some different strategies that you may be able to do to shrink your calves a bit. Running up and down stairs is a good one, also, stretching out your calves regularly would help a great deal. Sorry, I'm not an expert or anything, but I just want to help if I can. I hope all the best for you!

~much love: nIkKi
I'm also working on getting thinner legs , right now I'm following this regime:
what i do first is I re-sculpt my lower body, then go for toning and last add dancing moves .

I refer the exercise from this site:, print it out-its easier for you to follow.
If you are a decent weight and have decent tone, my bet is that your calves are NOT too big and you're doing what we all do. We look in the mirror and we find something that is not 100% what we have envisioned as our perfect shape and begin to fret. Then you can't stop noticing it until it is just horrible. I digress. I bet your calves are fine. If you want to work on them, though, I would make two points. (1) Toning exercises do just that - they tone. They rely on using a muscle for a long time at less than maximal strength. (2) Building exercises rely on greater weights with maximal exertion over short periods.

I would recommend you pursue toning exercises either by doing calf raises with 20 or more repetitions per set or else run. Running/jogging distances (a mile, two miles, etc.) will tighten the muscles in your calves!
Well, perhaps your calves are just designed that way, I have a friend who's quite in shape and thin but her calves are rather bulgy and disproportionate to the rest of her body. Long distance running can help by really elgonating the muscle, but if you dislike running, consider holding weights on your shoulders and doing calf raises, it'll help tone them up, which is really what you want. Not so much making them tiny as making your calf muscles tight, you know?

And no worries, most women have at least one body part thats disproportionate to the rest of their bodies or they just cant seem to shed the inches off of.
running combined with calf raises should do it, when you lose weight or do something changing to your body, we start from the top, belly, chin, arms and moving on down with but, tights and calfs, just keep working on it, it will give result.
Do you mean fat calves, or muscular calves? Because your last sentence sounded as if you disdained excess leg muscles...if so, I don't think that calf raises would really help.
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