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Increase the total points limit!

Do you support increasing the total points limit?
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 41%  [ 5 ]
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Dear admins and moderators,
I am writing to ask for an increase of the TOTAL POINTS LIMIT. At the time being, the total points limit is 45, which means for a person who have a web hosting in FRIHOST, he/she can only has 45 points at the end of the day, and it cannot be higher. This has caused a little frustration to me, as I've always got the points around/above 45, and it is not advantageous for me to post more or keep active in that period because of that limit. Therefore I am asking for an increase.
Some of you may argue that although I cannot gain points, I can gain FRIH$ for the posts. But as the uses of FRIH$ are limited (only for directories and marketplace), it is not attractive enough for us to post. Therefore this argument does not stand.
I am suggesting to have the limit increase to 60, as the max. points earned by posts has been increased to 5. It is a reasonable change to accommodate with the change of points per posts. I am looking forward to hearing positive news from you.

Wink Regards
Well, to me the 45 point limit is a well-fit limit. You don't have to keep the points at 45 to keep your hosting. All you need is to make sure you don't go too far under the negative mark. I know that even then you aren't for sure going to have your hosting canceled.

I left FriHost for months and came back with my points very very far under negative. Yet, to my amazement, my website was still there. So I had to work to get them up again.

The points limit it to make it so that people can't just post a lot on the first day and not come back again for months, yet still have their hosting. It makes sure that people have something to keep them coming back, a great and active community.

I think that raising the limit may hurt the quality and quantity of FriHost.

(These are just my opinions)

God bless,
The 45 point limit is a good thing as far as Frihost is concerned to prevent users from posting loads for two days then never coming back to the forum. This essentially would stop us getting any revenue that pays for your "free hosting".

However, I do appreciate your point... there are currently plans in the pipeline that will reward users who are regularly over the 45 point limit. However, this will not be implemented until Bondings has some spare time to code and test it, but it can be expected in the medium-term.
I have to say NA to this. 45 days without posting is a long time, a very long time when you think about how posting is how this host is kept alive. Not onl this, but your account wont even by shut off at 0, ive seen people in the -80 that still have an account. 45 is more than enough.
The limit exceeding more than 45 isn't going to happen any time in the near future, I think.
As Animal said, those who constantly post more than 45 points may get some extra points and end up with 2-3 points more at the end of the day.

As it is, I find it very irritating that some members come in once in 45 days, make 9 long posts, and then disappear again for 45 days, not bothering to read what other people have replied to their posts, etc etc.

In my opinion, the maximum points should be even lesser (around 25), but there should be a mechanism for those of you who have to go away on vacation or something, which can be allowed twice an year for a period of 50 days each.
45 is a good compromise to be honest - it's also well enough if you need to take a break for a while for whatever reason.
45 points is good, can't agree with tidruG tho, about less points (25), since a long vecation will kinda lower you to zero then.. do agree tho that it's sad some people log in very rarley just to make those posts and then disapear again.. still not doing anything wrong tho, just sad..

anyways, 45 is a good limit imo.. 2 months of saftey if you have to go away, or wont have itnernet or anything like that.. can't ask for more, alrdy got free hosting.. Smile
It won't happen. Bondings did a fine job fine tuning all these settings, and he even increased the maximum several times.

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