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web design

willwright111 tell me wot you tihnk
few colors, and simpel great work on this !!!
you forgot something.. margins.. no margins anywhere.. and the www thingy in ur logo is very hard to read on a dark screen.. looks like u made it in some sort of publisher program.. fix margins and brighten it up a little.. atleast the logo...
hey dude...

you know what... after visiting your site.... i had a head full of criticism ... and i typed for about 5 mins .... but then when about to post... i re-read... and thought i was going to hard on you... then i thought of times when i made my first website... and all that.... welll i deleted watever i wrote.... and here are a couple conforting words...

Good Luck ! Razz

ok.. but there are things that you really need to get down too ... put graphics in your site.. not stock graphics or something.. make your own .. you are a designer.. ok .. and dont use a keyboard in your header.. its a web design service.. dont use names too long... hard to remember.. short and easy names stick to the mind..

OH AND PLEASE ! i know how it feels to add something to your site when you just get your hands on it... but please remove that date from the top of your page... least professional thing ! and like azmo ... use margins ..
Nice, there are a few spelling mistakes but otherwise the site is great. Margins are important as they define the text areas allowing the viewer to distinguish the different parts of the page, as well as looking effective, they add the sense of 'everything is where it belongs'.

Overall the site is excellent and i LOVE the professional job you have done with the flash intro.

Good job and keep it up mate,
a few pieces of advice...

- make the skip intro link appear right at the begining of the the flash splash page
- the flash intro is pretty good. Continue to develop it as the flash version of your site, and leave the existing as the text-only version.
- Get rid of 'welcome to our website'... make it advertise your brand.
- prepare to be flamed for having a splash page. It shows you have good flash skills... so i like it... but splash pages do seem to be out..

other site comments
- i stand by my question of your photos.. permission to use.. and appropriateness.
- lots of blank space.. might not look good in low res browsers...
- date & time ontop... remove... simply bad idea...
- frames ... why.... use CSS.

Visually... B Towards modern standards ... C-
the intro splash screen is not ver good and un-needed.
I agree get rid of the intro and stick with the website. Nice site btw. Easy to navigate and colors are nice.
nice site, the colours are great and your header is stylish only the margins need changing to add some interest and definition.
Hey, nice work.

One thing which bugged me about the design is that the gradient on the 'main' page didn't extend the whole way to the right of my screen (so there was a section which had no gradient, just the grey). Also, when it did end towards the bottom of the screen, there was a change in the colour. I think it would be nice if the default plain colour was the same as the end colour of the gradient (so you can't tell where one ends and the other starts).

Also, I'd agree with what the others have said about the flash intro. There's no need for it, and it'll just annoy people in a rush. If you want to show off your flash, integrate it into the main site.

sorry i think it was directing to the wrong page today as for all ur comments thank you i shall take into consideration
dear friends i am a new user in this forum so i dont actually know all about web design i hope to get help from any of you and to help me learn php which boarders me a lot because i want to have a client side or login page in my site so i need help on how to configure it
thank you
joshua Confused
your most likely going to need some skills in Mysql then as well if your having login
try using this guide i found it helpful
i no some of you didnt like the graphic at the top of the page do these look any better im open for critisim again


-close- , duplicated thread.
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