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Will work for FRIH$

I will do anything for FRIH$.

I can make templates/layouts, blurbs and directory adding, forum posting and forum creation.
I can code efficiently and quickly, but you can be the judge of that.


EDIT: Sorry guys, small jobs are only welcome now, as work is taking over my day/night..
I'll pay you if you can help me out with this - requires php coding.
I will pay you 10 frih$/post on my forum and/or 10 frih$/comment on my blog. My site is:
both replied to
"Anything" you said? Ok, here comes my challenge for you. (or for anyone who reads it and feels he's up for it!)
Whoever does this first gets ALL my Frih$. That's 2280 at the moment, and unless some administrator abuses his powers, that will only be more in the future! You'll get everything I have on the moment you give me the finished product. Now here's the job:

Make me a multiuser network calendar program. So there is one server which contains a database (preferably using SMB shares but a seperate server app is ok too) and the clients connect to that. Each client must login with a username and password. Each user has his own agenda (just basic calendar/agenda functions) where he can store appointments, events etc. A user is just a user by default, but can also be admin, meaning he can make general events (on everyone's calendar) and look into the agendas of others.

Of course basic management functions are mandatory, such as creating users (by admin and possibly by user registration), modifying user accounts, switching user status between admin and user, deleting users, or freezing accounts / restricting their permissions to read-only. If you feel like doing more work, then also implement user groups with a group admin who has these powers only over the ones in his group. (This function is not mandatory.) Feel free to use your own imagination and add other features you think are fitting for such an application.

It must be usable in a normal environment, so there have to be user-friendly errors on expectable events, such as an unavailable server. It must be properly debugged - no sudden crashes. The GUI has to be easy-to-use; there should be no need to explain how things work to a regular user. I don't want any fancy themes or color schemes, just keep them regular. Language must meet the same standards, but if you're not a good linguist I can help there. Security is also an issue: one user must not be able to look into another user's agenda. That either means encrypt the common database file, or give each user a personal database file. If you're using SMB shares, you could do the latter by linking the user management to the SMB users. I wouldn't mind if the server only runs on Linux (where you can easily edit the smb.conf file and do stuff like that for user management). You could also choose to keep a database on the server, and send the client only the information he has access to when he opens his calendar. That eliminates the need for a database file accessable to the client because he gets the information directly from the server when he requests it.

Use any programming language and libraries you like, as long as:
1) the program has all the mandatory features described above;
2) the client program can be setup and run on at least Windows 9x and NT4/5 and Debian Linux (hence using SMB shares could be a good choice, you can assume Samba as installed on Linux) with no compilation or library hunting from my side required;
3) the same as 2 for the server program, except only Debian Linux is mandatory;
4) the programs must not be a heavy load to my Pentium III machines on which I'll use them - it's a simple calendar, that should not be as heavy as Firefox (just to name one badly programmed, ultra slow brick).

Webbased / PHP solutions are not preferred!!! I would like ready-to-use binaries or possibly install packages. You don't have to supply the source code by the way, but if you do I will publish it under the BSD licence. If you don't give me the code, you are free to publish it yourself under any licence you wish, as long as you grant me the right to use it on an unlimited amount of computers without any restrictions, and the right to supply it to friends, giving them the same rights as I have.

If you insist on doing it in PHP, make the layout and language as professional and easy-to-use as possible. In my opinion PHP coders are notoriously bad in this. Also the script must be able to run on my Frihost account.

PM me for anything regarding this offer (which does not expire until further notice!)
My offer is to post comments on my blog, stai in touch with the subject that you are commenting.
5 $frih per comment / post as many as you whant.

i have something you can do for me ... ill pay loads of frih$'s too ...

ok so i have this user account system ... i use sessions in it... i recently read an article about prefering cookies over sessions....

so im not much familiar with cookies.... so i want you to convert my code so that it uses cookies instead of sessions...

if your ready ill send you the necessary files...

thnx !
have you googled this? maybe post the script here or send me the relevant files and i can have a look at it for you.
ok ill post the files here soon when i am ready to get the stuff cookiefied...lolx...

ill rather pm you... so you know when the time is rather than cheking bak here again and again...

thank alot ! oh and i dont google stuff im not in a mood to doo... so when some1 is ready to do somthing..... i pay frih$'s ...:p

oh and apart from this... i need you to make a search script, that works exactly as phpbb's script.... a script that has all hte options and all the selection choices...

if you can make me a similar script that also displays the results in a similar manner... ill pay the alot of frih$'s

basically i want a search script that is just like phpbb's... hope you know what i mean ..

check this page for all the options i require :

thnx... post back if you can do this... ill then give you mysql table info..

thnx again ..
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