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Nice layout, but could be more attractive.
yeah its rather boring Rolling Eyes Wink , but good coloring!..
maby have some color on the menu links.. dropover??

but good site over all Wink
I think this is just perfect for what your doing, it has that "web hosting" site feel lol.
I generally like it...

need a few portfolio sites to show your past work...

also, I'm not a real fan of animation... but with all the space and the small links in that top navigatoion bar, I almost expect them to animate on mouseover. This could be an appropriate use for flash, (and leave the non-flash version as is). Not generally a fan of it, but i expected it to animate based on all the space around it...

Also, is there really a need for the tables???
Thanks for all the nice comments.

I can't really make a portfolio of "my work" because it's not my work. When a purchase is made on my website, I collect the money, and then purchase the service from someone else and collect the commision. This site of mine is new and I've only just begun advertising it. I have not made any sales yet. Think it'll be a success? I'm hoping so. It really stinks paying for so much advertising without guarantee that a sale will be made. I've had 10 unique visits in June so far, but no sales. Bummer.

I'm increasing advertising and hopefully will make some money. I really need some money haha that's why I started this site. Wish me luck!
maybe have small price!?? mhm
Your site looks good very official feel. But I'm not sure your business is going to work out because your the middle man, you can be cut out.
nice clean layout, i like Smile
Dwyer17 wrote:
When a purchase is made on my website, I collect the money, and then purchase the service from someone else and collect the commision.

Hrm... this goes in hte maybe column. most ppl that are decent at web design are going to be able to advertise and market themselves (because web design is mostly marketing).

BUT ... what you can do is try to recruit new and inexperienced designers, and introduce them to the job. This can be your unique hook. Most designers are already decent at getting their name out there.
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