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Thin hair. Any advice

I bleached my hair about 2 months ago and it has a lot of breakage and its really severely dry and damaged and i dont know what products will help repair and moisturize my hair. I recently bought KMS California Moistrepair Restructuring Therapy and ive been using it and i don't see a difference. Can someone please help me find the best product out there.
if you willing to try nature could get aloe vera gel and put it on your head and leave it on overnight everyday...great result for me ..soft mouisturized hair , thick and healty scalp
And another thing is, once your hair starts to grow out, make sure you cut off as much dead/dry hair as possible. Your hair will grow back faster and healthier if you cut out the dry stuff. Trust me I know from experience, I did the same thing you a few years ago. I hope that helps you Smile

~love: nIkKi
I agree with about cutting off as much dead hair as possible.

Try going to a hair stylist for help on making your hair better. They'll probably provide you with a better product.
My mom has the same problem, however I don't. She buys like a million different shampoos and other stuff, I guess some products seem to work and others don't. I'd say try Sally's Beauty Supply if you have one near you, or a normal store just check out the products they sell. I actually like the way thin hair tends to look and personally I think it gets less tangly. Anyway I hope I helped!
kevin briggs
i am going thin on top myself.
if i suited my hair shaved short i would get it down to a number 1 all over but i dont here are a few products

Nisim Hair Loss Products
Nisim New Hair Biofactors is a range of hair loss shampoo products developed with over 20 years of research on the study of hair growth and has been clinically proven to control excessive hair loss and regrow hair.

Nanogen Hair Loss Products
We are now an official retailer of Nanogen's innovative range of hair loss products, Including Nanofibres the '30 Second Hair Trans-plant' used by Fame Academy contestants and demonstrated on TV shows such as This Morning
well, i think that most elderlies tend to have thin hair. although some come from genes too. mostly they originate from their parents or they are not eating enough healthy food.

fyi, too much salt is not good for thin hair. try to stay away from it. rather, try to eat more vegetables. organic ones if u do not mind the steep prices.

otherwise, u can try to eat more fruits, and also stay away from salt. but the most impt thing is, stay healthy and be healthy.
Buy a hat
Buy some high factor Suncream
Buy lollipops and be prepared for a lifetime of scalpslapping and Kojak calling!
remove all your hair, wait for it to grow. use some hair grower and you'll have a perfectly natural hair!
I know the cause of the OP's problem isn't genetic - it's chemical and hopefully, in time, the hair will grow back as it was with no need for any further assistance. But, for those of us who go thin/bald naturally, genetic baldness is linked with (IIRC) testosterone levels and, therefore, sex drive. So remember - it's not a bald patch - it's a sun roof for a sex machine! Wink
dac_nip wrote:
remove all your hair, wait for it to grow. use some hair grower and you'll have a perfectly natural hair!

I reckon that's a good idea. Shave all your hair off and then you'll get your natural hair back. While you will get rid of your undamaged hair, it will kill off your damaged hair, and your normal hair should grow back normally.

Trust me, it does work. I've had to do it myself several times. Uni pranks mainly. Razz
does shaving help in fixing hair? how about fixing hair loss anyone?
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