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Looked through a little of the forum and didnt see a post like this so I figured I would start one up for a little discussion...

What do you think causes people to pirate software?

-Is it the fact that software is too expensive for some users?
-Is it because some people figure if they can download it this easily why pay for it?
-The software is simply not worth the amount the company is asking?
-The software is not available to purchase or is illegal in their country?
-Because it is just easier to download and steal rather than drive to the store and buy it?
-MP3 downloads, because the person only really likes one of the songs on the cd?

I am sure that a lot of people here have downloaded something illegally, but my question is why?

I will amdit that I download quite a bit of stuff, wether it is legally downloaded(shareware/freeware) or illegally downloaded (commercial). Some of the stuff I have downloaded, I have needed for school or my own use... some was free and some cost money.

I am all for supporting software companies, but sadly, some software companies I feel charge too much for their software. Not everyone is in the right business to be able to afford some of this software...

And the thought that some companies make addons for certain products, and those cost money as well.

Or how about Anti Virus software... there are some decent free ones out there, but the well known ones you have to buy, then pay a renewal fee yearly... wtf?!

But in the long run, I would say it comes down to not really paying too much for the software itself, but rather we end up paying too much for the brand name rather than the product.

So all in all, what do you think is the main cause for pirating on the internet?
I think it is for the most part that the software today is way to expensive. Microsoft for example is a blatant monopoly in many peoples eyes as well. I mean come on what compares to it. People today do not want to see one company dominate one thing. The feeling of it makes the consumer feel that they are being controlled by big brother. So in turn they pirate the software as much as they can as a way of retaliation. Thats just my 2 cents on the matter though Wink
Selfishness. That's sums it all up, really. People want x, so they illegally download x rather than work and pay for it themselves. Ignorance probably comes in second (I talked to someone once who actually didn't know sending copyrighted MP3s to people was illegal. That was kind of scary, but the exception.)
{name here}
Or how about Anti Virus software... there are some decent free ones out there, but the well known ones you have to buy, then pay a renewal fee yearly... wtf?!

If you browse the web smartly with a few of Windows XP's built-in settings that nobody every uses and the NoScript mozilla extension you can browse the web without worry, because you are the only one that can truly screw up your PC - no virus can just hop on your computer - you have to download it from some weirdo site.
well i think coz free is better than paying is what everybody would think, little do they realise that if they actually pay then better software could be released in the future with the profits.

imagine technology today if there wasnt soo much money lost on piracy in both preventing it and the cause of it.
I think people download not only because of the $$ to buy it, but that is a big reason.. but also because u wanna try something before u buy it.. and then stumble upon a full version and simply keep it... no reason to pay for something you already have.. it's easy to get, people are lazy, why go to the record store and buy a whole album when I want 1 song that takes 2 minutes to download? everyone wants to make money, people almost always goes for the cheaper option..

and, fact is that alot of people are downloading every day, it's very hard to track you down since u kinda have to get caught in action.. and so many does it that alot of people think the chance of beeing caught is to small and worth the risk.. this far, almost all downloaders in sweden who actually got arrested, was released.. you can't prove anything.. you must prove that this was the person sitting by the computer at the time for the download, and that's more or less impossible..

anyways.. wether I'm pro or con downloading, I wont tell you, I do support the software companies and wouldnt got far without them.. but I do think that stuff are way to expensive for a private person...
I think the reason is, when you need a software, you need it "in the moment" you dont have time to go to the store and buy it Wink

and some children might need some software too, but they dont have any credit card or something, and daddy wont use it on the internet "because its dangerous"

well, thats my opinion, I g2g Laughing
It's too expensive, and some software is really necessary, like, Microsoft Office for instance. It's messed up to charge so much for software like that
There already is a topic about this in the software forum:

Please continue your discussion there Smile

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