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arcade fire anybody?

just wondering if anyone here has seen these guys live? some of the clips floating around youtube are pretty impressive. here's hoping they get their ass to australia soon!
Hmm... I haven't seen Arcade Fire live, but I have seen few clips on MTV2(MTV UK) and I sometimes listen to them. They are pretty good. I like them because they use few "special" instruments...
the first track i heard was lights out and i thought i was listening to prince! i actually sat in my car waiting to hear the back announcement, then i went right to the www and did my research. very interesting band.
I´ve heard their live shows are awesome, I´d really love to see them live but it´ll be hard (I live in Montreal, where they are based out of, and their fan base is massive are hard to come by). They are definitely one of my favourite bands, probably top 5 or so
I've never seen them live, I wish they would come to Canada because I like them, I like their style.
ahh, they ARE canadian champ.
The Mitchell
mmmm arcade fire are ace. my mates saw em start of this year but alas i missed them. gay!
wonder when they will see fit to tour oz? i will be there!
I LOVE Arcade Fire! They are so damn close to becoming my favorite band... they've released two perfect albums in a row and they are so damn good live. Plus, they are the most humble people you will ever meet. A friend of mine told me that he saw Win jump over the fence to watch the opening act. C'mon? That's so awesome... most of bands would watch backstage, but he wanted to be part of the show! They put every ounce of energy into the music and could care less about the money. I love it.
i second the above. both albums are solid as. neon bible does take a little while to grow, but when it does it certainly packs some very interesting listening experiences!
I'm seeing them in London in November Very Happy
you suck! Wink

surely they will see fit to tour australia soon...
Funeral was definitely an album that started off very slow with me, but grew on me by vast amounts over time. I don't think I had really heard a band quite like Arcade Fire before, so they definitely took some getting used to.

I still need to get Neon Bible, though. I really don't know why I've waited so long to do that.
One of my fav. bands....they're just amazing...I will hopefully see them live sometime in the future.
I like Keep The Car Running from them
I'm trying to go to the upcoming Bonaroo, where they'll supposedly be playing with Zepelin and Radiohead. Should be outrageously awesome.
they are playing the big day out here in adelaide, but not a side show!!! damn, i am not going to the big day out to see one band Sad at least ween are playing here Smile see ween feel good!
The Mitchell
bwah hahha i have now seen the arcade fire. I got to see em for free at cardiff international arena before then clearing up their stage set. Roadying is the best part time job lol
i want to hear how they were today at the big day out in adelaide, so if anyone went start talking now!
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